The Forgotten5 Previews the Power Five

We’ve spent the entire summer analyzing and dissecting the Group of Five. Who will rise from the Sun Belt? Is this the year CUSA dominates? Can anybody stop the American? If you could be badminton partners with one Mountain West coach, who would it be?

These are Power 5 logos
These are Power 5 logos

But there are actually five other conferences fielding football teams in 2016! Listen, the Power Five plays some pretty solid pigskin in obscure conferences like the PAC 10! Football is football, and these guys know their Xs and Os! These underrated conferences may not receive adequate media exposure (thanks for the effort, Sports Illustrated, ESPN, CBS Sportsline, Fox News, ABC Sports, and NBC Sports), but Forgotten5 is happy to fill in the gaps for you diehard football fans who truly care about the game at all levels!

 Five Power Five Teams Who Could Be Good in 2016!

Alabama Tigers

Never underestimate Coach Nick Sabun (formerly of Toledo)! He still has a good running back in Derrik Henry and supposedly a good recruiting class, too.  The Tigers usually makes waves in the Southern Eastern Conference, so they should be okay once conference play begins. (Overall record, 7-5, 7-1 in conference)

Oregon Ducks

Man, we love those crazy uniforms! What will Adidas think of next? Oregon is always good for a PAC-12 team, so look for them to compete in the PAC-12 this year (though we’d be wary of Lane Kiffen’s USC Trojans). As always, Oregon has a tough OOC, but look for them to rebound once conference play begins! (Overall record, 7-5, 7-1 in conference)  

Whatever this is, it's cute!
Whatever this is, it’s cute!

Oklahoma Sooners

Good thing Oklahoma plays four non conference games, or they’d have trouble with the Strength of Schedule Police! Still, they got that cute chuckwagon (watch it go sometime if you can get ESPN3). And Mike Gundy coaches like a forty year old man, am I right? (Overall record, 7-5, 7-1 in conference)

Ohio Buckeyes

Not to be confused with the more marketable Ohio Bobcats, the Bucks might have the best shot at upsetting Michigan and the Big 8’s best coach, Jim Harbough, in 2016. Starting off the season with Bowling Green and Tulsa is brutal, though. Hopefully, the Bucks will get healthy in time for conference play! (Overall record, 7-5, 7-1 in conference)

Clemson Orange (They’re “the Orange,” right?)

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the ACC, but I like saying “Dabo” almost as much as I like saying “Rutgers!” Clemson has had some success recently, especially in conference. After collecting a paycheck from Troy, Clemson should be in good position to make a run at the ACC title.  (Overall record, 7-5, 7-1 in conference)

On The Rise

Texas Longhorns

They’re always good, and Mack Brown will have the Longhorns in contention for another SEC title.

On the Decline

Uh, Rutgers maybe?

Biggest Game of the Year

Troy is doing Clemson a solid!
Troy is doing Clemson a solid!

Clemson vs. Troy

The Clemson Orange catch a huge break and host the Troy Trojans in South Carolina. How did that happen? What a special day for Orange fans! This game should be out of hand by the end of the first quarter, but Jimbo’s team will be giving it their all. This is Clemson’s bowl game! Honestly, those kids are just going to be happy to be on the same field with the Trojans. Look for Troy head coach Neal Brown to give some of his talented Freshman plenty of reps.

Three Players to Google

Christian McCaffery

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, you might! He plays on the west coast.

Derick Henry

Henry is a senior this year and he should improve on a solid season at Auburn!

Christian McCaffery

If you haven’t heard of this guy yet, you might! He plays on the west coast.

Quote from our managing editor, Nic Lewis

“We really need some content today. Please, somebody post some g%@*&n content!”

3 Coaches Who Could Get G5 Offers Next Season!

  1. Urban Myer* (Florida)
  2. Nick Sabun, “The Bryan Harsin of the SEC.” (Alabama)
  3. Jim “Baby Mark Hudspeth” Harbough (Michigan)

* If he keeps using that Tom Herman offense!


Maybe next season we should take some time and do some real research!


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