How Badly Were The Forgotten 5 Hurt With Week Two Injuries?

Week two saw several Forgotten 5 programs struggle with injuries. Even national media darling Houston had to play without Greg Ward Jr. and Duke Catalon. Due to some misunderstanding, I have decided to add every injury among the Forgotten 5. Suspensions, academic issues, and dismissals will not be listed.



The AAC has been a bit unlucky at the quarterback position. Holman at UCF is questionable, Ward missed the Lamar game, and Matt Davis of SMU is out for the season. Luckily, only one of the three will miss significant time. Also, Memphis has been hurting with five players on the offensive side of the ball facing serious injuries.

Central Florida:

  • D.J. Killings, DB: Back, Questionable
  • Justin Holman, QB: Hamstring, Questionable


  • Tshumbi Johnson, WR: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Tommy Hopkins, OL: Leg, Questionable
  • Connor Freeborn, LB: Leg, Out for season

East Carolina:

  • Davon Grayson, WR: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Jared Huneycutt, OL: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Joe Allely, LB: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Joe Carter, LB: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Randall Anderson, DL: Undisclosed, Doubtful


  • Brandon Wilson, CB: Leg, Probable
  • Duke Catalon, RB: Ankle, Probable
  • Greg Ward Jr., QB: Shoulder, Probable
  • Ra’Shaad Samples, WR: Concussion, Questionable
  • Marquez Stevenson, WR: Collarbone, Expected to miss 6-8 weeks


  • Hunter Hill, WR: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Mechane Slade, WR: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Sam Craft, RB: Hamstring, Out indefinitely
  • Zach Collins, OL: Upper Body, Out indefinitely
  • Brady Davis, QB: Knee, Out for season


  • Ryan Harris, LB: Undisclosed, Probable
  • Tago Smith, QB: Knee, Out for season
  • Robert Lindsey, G: Back, Out indefinitely
  • DJ Grant-Johnson, K: Leg, Out indefinitely


  • Matt Davis, QB: Knee, Out for season
  • Xavier Jones, RB: Hamstring, Questionable
  • Chad Pursley, OL: ACL, Out for season

South Florida:

  • Bruce Hector, DT: Ankle, Questionable
  • Khalid McGee, S: Ankle, Questionable
  • Mike Love, DE: Concussion, Questionable
  • Marlon Mack, RB: Concussion, Probable
  • Malik Dixon, S: Shoulder, Out for season
  • Asiantii Woulard, QB: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Kareem Ali, DB: Arm, Out 2-4 weeks
  • Colin Thompson, TE: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Jacob Martin, DE: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jahad Thomas, RB: Thumb, Questionable
  • Jyquis Thomas, S: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Shaun Bradley, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Ventell Bryant, WR: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Stephaun Marshall, LB: Hamstring, Out indefinitely


  • Andrew Hicks, WR: Knee, Out indefinitely


  • Jake Hanks, DE: Knee, Out for season
  • Chad President, QB: Leg, Questionable

Conference USA:

For the most part, CUSA has been hit by the nagging injury bug. Only Florida Atlantic and Middle Tennessee have been bit hard with multiple season ending injuries.


  • Jamal Covington, OT: Knee, Questionable
  • Kalif Phillips, RB: Hamstring, Questionable
  • Trent Bostick, WR: Concussion, Out indefinitely

Florida Atlantic:

  • Kelly Parfitt, OL: Leg, Doubtful
  • Dustin Bowens, TE: Chest, Out indefinitely
  • Jake Stewart, LB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Reggie Bain, OL: Car Accident, Out for season
  • Ray Ellis, DT: Knee, Out for season

Florida International:

  • Alex McGough, QB: Back, Questionable
  • Shug Oyegunle, WR: Ankle, Out indefinitely

Louisiana Tech:

  • Ephraim Kitchen, CB: Groin, Doubtful


  • Chris Hale, DE: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Demetrius Frazier, WR: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Shane Tucker, WR: Leg, Out for season
  • Jocquez Bruce, WR: Ankle, Out for season
  • Terry Pettis, WR: Leg, Out for season

Old Dominion:

  • Chris Kirtley, K: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Gemonta Jackson, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jeremy Cox, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Ray Lawry, RB: Hamstring, Probable
  • Derek Wilder, LB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Pat Toal, DT: Elbow, Questionable
  • Brandon Tyson, DT: Achilles, Out indefinitely


  • Connor Patterson, OL: Leg, Out for season
  • Justin Bickham, CB: Knee, Out for season

Southern Miss:

  • Draper Riley, DL: Ankle, Questionable
  • Taylor Marini, TE: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Patrick Brooks, RB: Ankle, Out for season


  • Jarveon Williams, RB: Ankle, Probable


  • Alvin Jones, LB: Ankle, Doubtful
  • Christian Richardson, DL: Foot, Questionable
  • John De La Rosa, OL: Knee, Questionable
  • Zack Greenlee, QB: Knee, Probable
  • Treyvon Hughes, RB: Knee, Out for season

Western Kentucky:

  • Marcus Ward, DB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • D’Andre Ferby, RB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Mike White, QB: Head, Questionable
  • Leon Allen, RB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Nelson Fishback, QB: Pectoral, Out for season


Neither Army or UMass have been hit be the season ending injury big in mass effect, but the Black Knights are reeling from the devastating death of Brandon Jackson in a car accident.


  • Cameron Jones, DB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Christian Drake, RB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Jermaine Adams, WR: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • John Trainor, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Steven Johnson, CB: Knee, Questionable
  • Jordan Smith, DL: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Army DB Brandon Jackson sadly passed away in a car accident over the weekend.


  • Peter Angeh, DL: Undisclosed, Questionable 


Injuries to NIU quarterback Drew Hare and Ohio running back AJ Ouellette stand out for a fairly healthy MAC heading into week three.


  • Warren Ball, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable

Ball State:

  • Andrew Poenitsch, OL : Leg, Out for season

Bowling Green:

  • Dorian Hendrix, LB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Grant Coffey, DL: Ankle, Questionable
  • Matt Domer, RB: ACL, Out for season

Central Michigan:

  • Romello Ross, RB: ACL, Out for season

Eastern Michigan:

  • Shaq Vann, RB: Shoulder, Doubtful
  • Darien Terrell, OL: Undisclosed, Out for season

Kent State:

  • Justin Agner, QB: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Kris White, WR: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Antwan Dixon, WR: Illness, Out for season


  • Chris Hudson, WR: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Rokeem Williams, WR: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Gus Ragland, QB: Lower Body, Out indefinitely
  • Jared Murphy, WR: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Drew Hare, WB: Ankle, Doubtful
  • Shawun Lurry, CB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jackson Abresch, S: Ankle, Out indefinitely


  • Sebastian Smith,WR: Groin, Questionable
  • A.J. Ouellette, RB: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Andrew Davis, WR: ACL, Out for season
  • Jaylen Coleman, LB: ACL, Out for season
  • Neru N’Shaka, WR: ACL, Out for season


After riding the run game to a win over UTSA, Colorado State has virtually every running back on the roster listed on the injury report this week.

Air Force:

  • Roland Ladipo, DB: Knee, Questionable

Boise State:

  • Jake Roh, TE: Leg, Questionable
  • Joe Martarano, LB: Knee, Questionable

Colorado State:

  • Bryce Peters, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Dalyn Dawkins, RB: Hamstring, Questionable
  • Izzy Matthews: RB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Rashaad Boddie, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Paul Thurston, OL: Knee, Questionable
  • Tomas Rivera, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Adam Prentice, FB: Knee, Out for season
  • Faton Bauta, QB: Ankle, Probable

Fresno State:

  • Bryson Oglesby, RB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Justin Rice, RB: Foot, Out indefinitely
  • Shane Gama, OL: Illness, Out indefinitely
  • Wesley Hill, RB: Knee, Out for season
  • Kevin Jeanniton, DL: Elbow, Out indefinitely


  • Akeel Lynch, RB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Lucas Weber, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Colton Concellos, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Kori Collins, DE: Foot, Out 3-4 weeks
  • Tyler Crandall, DB: Knee, Out for season
  • Evan Faunce, TE: Knee, Out indefinitely

New Mexico:

  • Alex Hart, LB: Knee, Probable
  • Dakota Cox, LB: Concussion, Doubtful
  • Jadon Boatright, CB: Toe, Doubtful
  • Teriyon Gipson, RB: Concussion, Doubtful

San Diego State:

  • Joe Salcedo, OL: Knee, Out for season
  • Ryan Pope, OL: Lung, Out indefinitely

San Jose State:

  • Brandon Monroe, FB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Christian Tago, LB: Knee, Doubtful
  • Nate Velichko, OL: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Cameron Smith, CB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Thomas Tucker, RB: Concussion, Questionable


  • Brandon Presley, WR: Foot, Questionable
  • Kendal Keys, WR: Knee, Out for season

Utah State:

  • Devante Mays, RB: Knee, Questionable
  • Daniel Gray, CB: Neck, Doubtful


  • Christian Irving, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jahmari Moore, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Trevor Meader, DE: Knee, Out for season
  • Adam Pilapil, LB: Ankle, Out indefinitely
  • Kellen Overstreet, RB: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely 

Sun Belt:

Arkansas State was the biggest loser of week two in losing two very important players to ACL tears. Only South Alabama has been as unlucky with season ending injuries.

Arkansas State:

  • Armond Weh-Weh, RB: ACL, Out for season
  • Antwon Turnage, LB: ACL, Out for season
  • Johnston White, RB: Hamstring, Questionable

Georgia State:

  • Mackendy Cheridor, DE: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Penny Hart, WR: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Todd Boyd, WR: Back, Questionable


  • Dorian Clark, DB: Shoulder, Doubtful
  • Noah Johnson, OL: Concussion, Doubtful

New Mexico State:

  • Derek Ibekwe, LB: Hernia, Questionable
  • Larry Rose III, RB: Hernia, Doubtful

South Alabama:

  • Jimmie Gipson III, DE: Knee, Out for season
  • Tre Alford, DL: Knee, Out for season
  • Dewayne Alford, DE: Achilles, Out for season

Texas State:

  • Frankie Griffen, DB: Concussion, Questionable


  • Sam Letton, WR: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Tevaris McCormick, WR: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely


  • Staten Wade, OL: Knee, Out indefinitely


  • Keaton Baggs, OL, Knee, Out for season

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