The Baylor Bears Roll Over The Rice Owls 38-10

Is this not what you expected? This Rice team was overmatched and undersized. The Owl’s defense was able to keep Baylor scoreless in the first quarter and then after that Baylor sped past the Owl’s. During the first quarter, it looked like we might have a game but after that, Rice looked like Rice. The Owls couldn’t move the ball down the field and once it got to fourth down they could punt either. They had four punts of 30 yards or less (5,16,29,29).

Rice QB Tyler Stehling threw for 18 yards on 13 attempts in the first half and only 31 yards for the entire game. You aren’t going to win many games if you are passing that much and only gaining an average of 1.1 yards per pass. The only time Rice could get anything going offensively was with RB Darik Dillard who had 124 yards. Rice was outgained 638-265. They have only scored 38 points all season long.

Rice was outgained 638-265. They have only scored 38 points all season long. They have now been outgained 1,701-845. This team just doesn’t have any firepower on offense and it doesn’t help that their defense can’t stop anyone either.

Baylor QB Seth Russell finished with 337 yards and 3 touchdowns. He looked really good, hitting his fast wide-outs like KD Cannon who had 213 yards receiving with 2 touchdowns. Speedy running back JaMycal Hasty had 105 yards on 14 carries.

After a shaky first quarter, the Bears offense woke up, and once they did it was over. Baylor did whatever they wanted to on offense. They were extremely successful when they ran up the gut, but they also made taking shots deep look easy.

Baylor’s defense did not look good in the first half, missing tackle after tackle, letting Rice drive up the field on them. They only reason Rice didn’t score more was because of bad play calling. The Owls consistently tried to run these little bubble screens that were almost always stopped two yards behind the line of scrimmage.

Rice looks ahead to a winnable game against North Texas and Baylor looks forward to a tough game against Oklahoma State.


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