North Dakota State Topples #13 Iowa Hawkeyes, 23-21

Want to know ofa great way to make yourself look ridiculous after having just given your head coach a massive contract extension?

Lose to an FCS team.

Granted, preseason rankings are borderline meaningless in terms of judging a team’s quality, and North Dakota State is the kind of team that can hang with anybody, but Iowa has the status they do for a reason. Those reasons would not suggest a loss at home against a lower division team.

For a while it looked like NDSU was going to hang close and make a good effort, but ultimately fade out. They had only 130 yards at halftime, but their lone touchdown in a 14-7 Iowa lead was a defensive interception return for a score.

Then the second half happened.

North Dakota State found themselves, began running the ball down the Hawkeyes’ throats, and played so well that they missed both a field goal and two-point conversion, and still had enough left to be in position for a makeable game-winning field goal at the end.

The Bison gained 127 yards in the fourth quarter. They allowed negative nine yards. Talk about flexing your muscles and getting the job done.

For a long time we’ve talked about Appalachian State’s 2007 win at Michigan as the gold-standard FCS win. This game now replaces that. FBS teams, keep scheduling North Dakota State at your own risk.

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