The Forgettable5 Podcast 9/20: So, about those polls…

The podcast is back to see the light of day, and it’s just as forgettable as ever! Just kidding, y’all. It’s fun, trust me. I spent hours lording over the details in post-production, fighting an ear infection the whole way.

This week, I actually got the name right, so yay me. ANYWAY.

Nic Lewis, Chris Hondros and Ryan Lynch got together this week and attempted to make sense of the polls and whether or not they provide good news for our beloved underdogs, including national darling Houston and newly-ranked Underdog San Diego State. The guys also attempted to realign the MAC and discuss whether or not the Sun Belt has surpassed Conference USA in on-the-field excellence.

0:00-11:10: College football polls and if Houston can make the College Football Playoff

11:39-23:46: Which Underdogs are ranked and which ones are on the outside looking in? #Pumphrey4Heisman? Looking in on the #MACtion and whether the divisions should realign.

24:10-end: Games that caught our interest in Week 3, it’s time to talk about an undefeated Army West Point, and has CUSA been eclipsed by the Sun Belt?

Songs played in the breaks include: “Moment of Clarity” by Deer Tracks (intro), “Cedar Falls” by Cascadia (first break), “alienlovesong” by stef (second break) and “Holy Moly” by ZuZu (outro).

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