How Badly Were The Forgotten 5 Hit With Week Eight Injuries?

Another week in the books and we have even more injuries to report from the G5. It seems like half of all players are listed as questionable after a rough eight weeks of football. Houston looks to be in the worst shape with five offensive linemen facing some sort of nagging injury.


Central Florida:

  • Trysten Hill, DL: Leg, Questionable
  • Tyler Hudanick, OL: Knee, Out for season


  • Andrew Gantz, K: Hip, Out for season
  • Bryce Jenkinson, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Tshumbi Johnson, WR: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Bryant Shirreffs, QB: Wrist, Probable
  • Hergy Mayala, WR: Ankle, Questionable
  • Tommy Hopkins, OL: Knee, Out for season
  • Daniel Oak, OL, Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Connor Freeborn, LB: Leg, Out for season

East Carolina:

  • Derrell Scott, RB: Hamstring, Questionable
  • Justin Sandifer, OL: Undisclosed, Probable
  • D’ante Smith, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Kyle Erickson, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jared Huneycutt, OL: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Joe Allely, LB: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely


  • Will Noble, OL: Neck, Doubtful
  • Isaiah Johnson, WR: Concussion, Doubtful
  • Alex Fontana, OL: Elbow, Questionable
  • Chance Allen, WR: Neck, Questionable
  • Jerad Carter, DE: Stinger, Questionable
  • Mac Long, OL: Knee, Questionable
  • Marcus Oliver, OL: Ankle, Questionable
  • Matthew Adams, LB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Na’Ty Rodgers, OL: Ankle, Questionable
  • Tyus Bowser, LB: Facial, Out indefinitely


  • Dontrell Nelson, DB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Shareef White, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Zach Collins, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Latarius Brady, DB: Knee, Probable
  • Jackson Dillon, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Hunter Hill, WR: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Mechane Slade, WR: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Brady Davis, QB: Knee, Out for season


  • Toneo Gulley, SB: Hip, Probable
  • Daniel Gonzales, LB: Foot, Out for season
  • Tago Smith, QB: Knee, Out for season
  • Robert Lindsey, G: Back, Out indefinitely
  • DJ Grant-Johnson, K: Leg, Out indefinitely


  • Xavier Jones, RB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Nick Horton, LB: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Matt Davis, QB: Knee, Out for season
  • Chad Pursley, OL: ACL, Out for season

South Florida:

  • Quinton Flowers, QB: Hamstring, Probable
  • AJ Legree, WR: Leg, Questionable
  • Danny Thomas, LB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Lamar Robbins, DB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Ryeshene Bronson, WR: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Billy Atterbury, G: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Darius Tice, RB: Ankle, Out indefinitely
  • Malik Dixon, S: Shoulder, Out for season


  • Avery Williams, LB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Khiry Lucas, S: Undisclosed, Doubtful
  • Austin Jones, K: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Julian Taylor, DL: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Sean Chandler, DB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Sharif Finch, DL: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Kareem Ali, DB: Arm, Out 2-4 weeks


  • Donnie Lewis, CB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Charles Jones, TE: Ankle, Out indefinitely
  • Junior Diaz, C: Ankle, Out for season
  • Andrew Hicks, WR: Knee, Out for season


  • Blake Belcher, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • D’Angelo Brewer, RB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Jeremy Bandy, S: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Trent Martin, LB: Undiscloses, Probable
  • Willie Wright, OL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Raymond Taylor, RB: Ribs, Out indefinitely
  • Jake Hanks, DE: Knee, Out for season

Conference USA:


  • Jamal Covington, OL: Knee, Questionable
  • Jordan Starnes, LB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Terrance Winchester, DB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Trent Bostick, WR: Concussion, Out indefinitely

Florida Atlantic:

  • Jakobi Smith, OL: Concussion, Questionable
  • Kelly Parfitt, OL: Knee, Doubtful
  • Tarrick Thomas, OL: Leg, Out for season
  • Dustin Bowens, TE: Chest, Out indefinitely
  • Jake Stewart, LB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Reggie Bain, OL: Car Accident, Out for season
  • Ray Ellis, DT: Knee, Out for season

Florida International:

  • Alex McGough, QB: Ankle, Probable
  • Napoleon Maxwell, RB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Shug Oyegunle, WR: Ankle, Out indefinitely

Louisiana Tech:

  • Courtney Wallace, DT: Foot, Out indefinitely


  • Anthony Anders, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Willie Johnson, WR: Knee, Out for season


  • Chris Hale, DE: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Demetrius Frazier, WR: Leg, Out for season
  • Shane Tucker, WR: Leg, Out for season
  • Jocquez Bruce, WR: Ankle, Out for season
  • Terry Pettis, WR: Leg, Out for season

North Texas:

  • Fred Scott, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Rice Bussey Jr., WR: Undisclosed, Questionable

Old Dominion:

  • Daniel Appouh, DE: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Chris Kirtley, K: Hip, Out for season
  • Brandon Tyson, DT: Achilles, Out indefinitely


  • Connor Patterson, OL: Leg, Out for season
  • Justin Bickham, CB: Knee, Out for season

Southern Miss:

  • Taylor Marini, TE: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Patrick Brooks, RB: Ankle, Out for season


  • Halen Steward, RB: Leg, Out for season


  • Treyvon Hughes, RB: Knee, Out for season

Western Kentucky:

  • Nacarius Fant, WR: Ankle, Doubtful
  • D’Andre Ferby, RB: Shoulder, Out for season
  • Marcus Ward, DB: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Leon Allen, RB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Nelson Fishback, QB: Pectoral, Out for season



  • Chris Carter, QB: Hand, Questionable
  • Darnell Wookfolk, RB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Mitchell Howard, K: Ankle, Out indefinitely


  • Ross Comis, QB: Leg, Questionable
  • Tedrick Lowery, S: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Shane Huber, LB: Undisclosed, Out for season



  • Warren Ball, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jamal Marcus, DL: Undisclosed, Out for season

Ball State:

  • Steven Bell, OL: Leg, Out for season
  • Andrew Poenitsch, OL : Leg, Out for season

Bowling Green:

  • Ben Hale, DB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jack Walz III, Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Matt Domer, RB: ACL, Out for season


  • Boise Ross, CBL Knee, Questionable
  • Chris Ford, DL: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Tyler O’Henly, OL: Concussion, Questionable

Central Michigan:

  • Devon Spalding, RB: Arm, Questionable
  • Jonathan Ward, RB: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Mitch Stanirzek, DE: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Eric Cooper, WR: Foot, Out for season
  • Jesse Kroll, WR: Knee, Out for season
  • Romello Ross, RB: ACL, Out for season

Eastern Michigan:

  • Blake Banham, RB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Todd Porter, QB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Shaq Vann, RB: Shoulder, Out for season
  • Darien Terrell, OL: Undisclosed, Out for season

Kent State:

  • Will Matthews, RB: Ankle, Questionable
  • Juantez McRae, S: Concussion, Questionable
  • Justin Agner, QB: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Mylik Mitchell, QB: Wrist, Out for season
  • Kris White, WR: Leg, Out indefinitely
  • Antwan Dixon, WR: Illness, Out for season


  • Billy Bahl, QB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • James Gardner, WR: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Jordan Martin, QB: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely
  • Chris Hudson, WR: Undisclosed, Out for season

Northern Illinois:

  • Shawun Lurry, CB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Mario Jones, DT: Lung, Out indefinitely
  • Drew Hare, QB: Hamstring, Out indefinitely
  • Jackson Abresch, S: Ankle, Out indefinitely


  • Brendan Cope, WR: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Corey Quallen, LB: Shoulder, Questionable
  • Mayne Williams, S: Head, Questionable
  • Tyler Tupa, S: Illness, Questionable
  • Vinny Emanuele, RB: Head, Questionable
  • A.J. Ouellette, RB: Foot, Out for season


  • Mike Ebert, OL: Knee, Questionable
  • Andrew Davis, WR: ACL, Out for season
  • Jaylen Coleman, LB: ACL, Out for season
  • Neru N’Shaka, WR: ACL, Out for season

Western Michigan:

  • None.

Mountain West:

Air Force:

  • Grant Ross, LB: Leg, Questionable
  • Jack Flor, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jacob Onyechi, LB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Jesse Washington, DB: Neck, Doubtful
  • Roland Ladipo, DB: Knee, Questionable
  • Samuel Byers, DL: Illness, Questionable

Boise State:

  • Gabe Perez: Shoulder, Out for season
  • Skeler Seibold, S: Knee, Out for season
  • Evan Tyler, S: Knee, Out for season

Colorado State:

  • Braylin Scott, DB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Olabisi Johnson, WR: Hand, Questionable
  • Colin Hill, QB: ACL, Out for season
  • Adam Prentice, FB: Knee, Out for season

Fresno State:

  • Aaron Peck, WR: Leg, Questionable
  • Chad Olsen, TE: Concussion, Questionable
  • Dejonte O’Neal, RB: Knee, Out for season
  • Wesley Hill, RB: Knee, Out for season
  • Kevin Jeanniton, DL: Elbow, Out indefinitely


  • Jeremiah Pritchard, LB: Neck, Questionable
  • Melvin Davis, RB: Illness, Out for season


  • Riley Brand, DB: Concussion, Questionable
  • Travis Wilson, LB: Foot, Questionable
  • Akeel Lynch, RB: Concussion, Out for season
  • Brayden Sanchez, WR: Undisclosed, Out for season
  • Salesa Faraimo, DL Pec, Out indefinitely
  • Victor Gonzalez, WR: Shoulder, Out for season
  • Lucas Weber, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Colton Concellos, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Kori Collins, DE: Foot, Out multiple weeks
  • Tyler Crandall, DB: Knee, Out for season
  • Evan Faunce, TE: Knee, Out indefinitely

New Mexico:

  • Isaiah Brown, CB: Ankle, Probable
  • Kimmie Carson, LB: Concussion, Doubtful
  • Ryan Santos, S: Concussion, Probable
  • Lamar Jordan, QB: Hamstring, Questionable
  • Garrett Adcock, OL: Concussion, Out for season
  • John Russo, S: Knee, Out indefinitely
  • Romell Jordan, RB: Knee, Out for season

San Diego State:

  • Micah Holder, WR: Ankle, Questionable
  • Naim McGee, S: Foot, Out for season
  • Randy Ricks, DL: Toe, Out for season
  • Turner Mernard, LS: ACL, Out for season
  • Joe Salcedo, OL: Knee, Out for season
  • Ryan Pope, OL: Lung, Out indefinitely

San Jose State:

  • Kenny Potter, QB: Undisclosed, Probable
  • Nate Velichko, OL: Leg, Out indefinitely


  • Jason Fao, DL: Knee, Questionable
  • LaKeith Walls, LB: Groin, Questionable
  • Brandon Presley, WR: Foot, Out for season
  • Darren Woods Jr., WR: Knee, Out for season
  • Johnny Stanton, QB: Knee, Out multiple weeks
  • Evan Austrie, DB: Shoulder, Out indefinitely
  • Kendal Keys, WR: Knee, Out for season

Utah State:

  • Ricky Ali’ifua, DE: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Dax Raymond, TE: Back, Out for season
  • Zach Swenson, S: Leg, Out for season
  • Dallin Leavitt, S: Ankle, Out indefinitely


  • Chase Appleby, NT: Concussion, Questionable
  • Ryan Cummings, OL: Foot, Out indefinitely
  • Carl Granderson, DE: ACL, Out for season
  • Trevor Meader, DE: Knee, Out for season
  • Adam Pilapil, LB: Ankle, Out indefinitely
  • Kellen Overstreet, RB: Undisclosed, Out indefinitely 

Sun Belt:

Appalachian State:

  • John Law, LB: Abs, Probable
  • Jaylan Barbour, WR: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Marcus Cox, RB: Quad, Questionable
  • Barrett Burns, TE: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • Deltron Hopkins, WR: Leg, Questionable
  • Jaquil Capel, WR: Groin, Questionable

Arkansas State:

  • Chris Murray, WR: Collarbone, Probable
  • Colton Jackson, OL: Concussion, Questionable
  • Jemar Clark, OL: Ankle, Probable
  • Justice Hansen, QB: Thigh, Probable
  • Jonah Hill, TE: Leg, Questionable
  • Armond Weh-Weh, RB: ACL, Out for season
  • Antwon Turnage, LB: ACL, Out for season

Georgia Southern:

  • Favian Upshaw, QB: Undisclosed, Questionable
  • RJ Murray, S: Undisclosed, Out for season

Georgia State:

  • Conner Manning, QB: Arm, Questionable
  • Jerome Smith, Hand, Questionable
  • Keith Rucker, TE: Ribs, Questionable
  • Kyler Neal, RB: Knee, Questionable
  • Penny Hart, WR: Undisclosed, Out for season


  • None listed

New Mexico State:

  • Jamin Smith, OL: Foot, Questionable
  • Royce Caldwell, WR: Leg, Questionable
  • DeShawnte Lloyd, DT: Foot, Out for season

South Alabama:

  • Curtis Williams, OL: Knee, Doubtful
  • Josh Magee, WR: Undisclosed, Probable
  • Xavier Johnson, RB: Chest, Probable
  • Riley Cole, LB: Knee, Out for season
  • Jimmie Gipson III, DE: Knee, Out for season
  • Tre Alford, DL: Knee, Out for season
  • Dewayne Alford, DE: Achilles, Out for season

Texas State:

  • Frankie Griffen, DB: Concussion, Questionable
  • LG Williams, WR: Concussion, Questionable
  • Easy Anyama, LB: Achilles, Out for season


  • None.


  • Dominick Jones, S: Foot, Questionable
  • Tracy Walker, S: Leg, Questionable
  • Ja’Marcus Bradley, WR: Ankle, Questionable
  • Mario Osborne, DE: Concussion, Questionable
  • David Lemoto, DL: Knee, Out for season
  • LaDarrius Kidd, DL: Ankle, Out for season
  • Jalen Nixon, QB: Ankle, Out for season
  • Alonzo Brown, LB: ACL, Out for season
  • Cole Bourque, DB: ACL, Out for season
  • Devin Scott, WR: Knee, Out for season
  • Tanner Holmes, LB: ACL, Out for season
  • Staten Wade, OL: Knee, Out indefinitely


  • Garrett Smith, QB: Lower body, Out forseason
  • Braxton Moore, LB: Leg, Out for season
  • Bobby Reynolds, OL: Elbow, Out indefinitely
  • Keaton Baggs, OL, Knee, Out for season

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