The Forgettable5 Podcast 10/23: Chasing records and perfect gameday atmospheres

We’re approaching Week 9 on the college football schedule, where many teams start to separate themselves or fall behind in the pack deep in the thick of the conference races.

This week, host and site manager Nic Lewis enlist the help of Alex Funderburke, our resident Army writer, Will Butler, our resident Texas State/Sun Belt writer, and Ryan Lynch, our FAU/CUSA writer, to try and figure out a few things that happened over the week that was.

(Producer’s note: due to file size constrictions, the intro and outro have been cut so as to fit the podcast this week. Sorry if it sounds choppy.)

Segment 1: Nic and Will try to make sense of the Tim DeRuyter firing in Fresno State and speculate what could have lead to the move and what needs to happen next for the program to succeed.

Break 1 music: “Target at Random” by Dial-A-Ride Girls

Segment 2: Nic and Alex F. talk individual performances in the Group of Five and who could break NCAA records by the end of the year. Is breaking records with the help of bowl games akin to playing baseball in the steroid era? Find out our answer here.

Break 2 music: “Learn to Love” by Squirrel Shaped Fish

Segment 3: It’s time to ROW THE BOAT and talk about Western Michigan’s chances to potentially get a New Year’s Six bowl. Also, Nic, Will and Alex F. talk interesting stadium experiences and football culture after Nic recalls his recent trip to scout a game between Troy and South Alabama.

Break 3 music: “Five Dollar Words” by Small Parks

Segment 4: Aw man, the Civil ConFliCT is no more. Or at least, UCF doesn’t want it to be a thing anymore. Nic, Alex F. and Will try to find a new rivalry for the poor Huskies and skewer Bob Diaco for attempting to make the trophy a thing in the first place.

Break 4 music: “Flaming Socks (Party Time!)” by Terror… Terror… Oh My!

Segment 5: Time for bowl projections! Nic highlights a few bowls that ESPN couldn’t agree on involving G5 teams and Will and Alex F. try to preview both the games the experts see happening and the games THEY think will happen. Will suggests a Texas State-Buffalo bowl and everyone laughs.



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