Has Army Football Finally Rounded the Corner?

Is Army Football back? Have they rounded the corner that Army fans have been waiting and waiting for? Is this the year they finally win the CiC?

It’s an important question that you can look at two ways. You can easily say “Army Football is back” and you also can say “You are crazy, no they aren’t back”. I will give you both points of view that I see from fans (again, from fans. Not me, my opinion will be last) in this article.

“Yes Army Football is back” – The stats back the claim up. The Black Knight defense, led by team captains Andrew King and Jeremy Timpf, is ranked third in the nation in total defense and tenth in rushing defense. There are studs all around, starting with the linebacking core of King, Timpf, Alex Aukerman, and Kenneth Brinson.

These four guys have been stopping opposing offenses in their tracks, blowing up run plays and sacking QB’s like it’s nothing. Then you move to the secondary with guys like Xavier Moss, Elijah Riley, Marcus Hyatt and Jaylon McClinton. These guys are picking off passes left and right and put the offense in good positions to score.

The offensive stats aren’t as good but are still pretty impressive. Currently ranking 2nd in the nation in rushing behind only New Mexico, QB Ahmad Bradshaw has this triple option humming again. Bradshaw is making the right reads 90% of the time and is limiting turnovers. Last year Army had a nation-worst 38 (13 lost) fumbles, this year they have had 21 (8 lost) fumbles. Anything is an improvement from last year.

Also look at the teams they have beaten, they beat a pretty good Temple and Wake Forest team on the road and dominated Rice and UTEP. This team has put up 60+ points twice, for any team that is impressive, but it’s even more impressive when it is a team that runs and passing six or seven times a game.


“No, Army Football is not back yet”– Look the stats are nice and all, but those don’t show how inconsistent the Black Knights have been. Look at their schedule, they really should have one maybe two losses if not be 8-0 right now.  The losses to Buffalo and North Texas are unacceptable, they beat themselves in those games. You can’t miss two field goals in the last seconds of the game and in OT or have seven turnovers and win games, you just can’t.

Sure the Temple and Wake Forest wins were great but all those other wins we have should be expected. To say “Army is back” and they have only beaten two good teams is funny. It is too early to say that, we need to see wins against Air Force and Navy before they are back or not.

Whenever Army shows hope, they blow it all away the next week. Take the Buffalo game for example, Army came in 3-0 and a really dominant 3-0 at that, all they had to do was hit some field goals to win the game and they couldn’t do that. The North Texas game they should have won in a landslide but what do that do? They turn it over seven times and lose.

Army football isn’t back. Not yet at least. I need to see wins against good teams before I say they are back.


My Opinion:

This is hard because I am dead in the middle, Army football is definitely back to a certain extent, but I don’t know about all the way back.

Head Coach Jeff Monken definitely has Army on the upswing, he won 6 games total in his first two seasons and has 5 already this season. But disappointing losses like Buffalo and North Texas make it hard to say for sure they are back. But on the other hand in Army’s 5 wins they have either dominated or found a way to pull it out in the fourth quarter.

If Army can find a way to beat Air Force come Saturday then we can talk about them being back for real or not, but for now, we can say they are back somewhat. I mean anything is better than the last decade and a half.

Feel free to tell me what you think about it. Is Army back or is it too soon to tell? Leave a comment or tweet me @AlexFunderburke, I’d love to talk about it some more.

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