Army DC Jay Bateman Gets Suspended For Role in “#WakeyLeaks”

Army defensive coordinator Jay Bateman has been fined $25,000 and suspended two weeks for his role in the accepting of Wake Forest game plans prior to Army’s 21-13 victory over the Demon Deacons in October.

This punishment came directly from Superintendent Lt. Gen. Robert L. Caslen and AD Boo Corrigan. When asked about the matter Corrigan said, “Although no NCAA rules were violated, these actions do not represent our values, we appreciate Wake Forest bringing this matter to our attention and I want to apologize to the Wake Forest administration and to the West Point community.”  Lt. Gen. Caslen is also making Bateman attend ethics classes.

USMA is now the third school to admit that former Wake player and radio announcer Tommy Elrod had given them Wake Forest game plans.

Louisville and Virgina Tech were both fined $25,000 by the ACC, Louisville also suspended offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway for their bowl game against LSU, Virgina Tech did not name the coach that accepted game plans but said that he is no longer working for the school.

I was scrolling through “Army Twitter” to see their reaction to the news and here is what I found:

Also my take: this shows great character from Monken to suspend Bateman for accepting information.

Most people tend to agree that it isn’t a good look for the school, whose honor code is,  “A cadet will not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.”

While I don’t think Bateman should have accepted the game plans, half of me says, “They gave you evidence, use it to your advantage. Sure, it wasn’t the whole playbook and it was only a couple plays but still, use it, and is it really cheating if a guy from Wake gives it to you? He’s basically saying “I want my school to take an L, here.”  So what he used it? It’s gamesmanship. There shouldn’t be any punishment towards Bateman for Elrod’s actions.”

The other half says, “Army was probably going to win that game with or without Wakes game plans, there was no need for them and it’s cheating, no matter how you get the information. It’s wrong, unsportsmanlike and he should be punished”.

Don’t think Navy fans didn’t notice this either, earlier today I got this lovely tweet:


I don’t think this is a good look for Army football going forward, having a coach suspended is never good, but Army will be fine.

Bateman is a great coach and will learn from this experience and have one of the top ranked defenses ready to go for next season.

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