NFL Draft Profile: Julie’n Daevenport, Bucknell

Julie’n Davenport

College: Bucknell

Position: Offensive Tackle

Height/Weight: 6-7/318

College Stats: Started all 44 games of his college career.

The first thing that everyone will mention is that Davenport is a cousin of NBA player Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. It is clear that the family line was blessed in terms of raw athletic skill and potential. Davenport was a bit overlooked in the recruiting process, falling in the lap of Bucknell.

From day one at Bucknell, Davenport showed an ability to play at a high level and earned a starting spot. Since then, he started all 44 games of his college career with multiple accolades including first team All-American with the program. Not only is Davenport a great player, but he is also a team first player as evidenced by being elected as a captain two different times.


One of the most common arguments against FCS tackles tends to be arm length. As a whole, they are shorter armed and NFL scouts see that as a long term problem. Davenport is the opposite with a 36 ½” arm length measured at the combine. He is tall, has long arms, and is athletic enough to handle the edge rushers while strong enough to take on an inside move.

None of his combine results jump off of the page as Davenport is one of those players that look better when pads are added. Put full pads on every offensive lineman prospect and run the same drills. Davenport would excel in that environment.


Let’s get the tired narrative out of the way first. Davenport played at the FCS level and that scares some NFL team. It is a silly fear as many FCS players dot the NFL landscape and have turned into legitimate stars over the years. Talent is talent.

The biggest detriment against drafting Davenport is his technique, or lack thereof. He is all over the place with his foot placement, hand placement, and overall technique of making a block. He is a player that looks like Jonathan Ogden on one play and looks like a journeyman on the next play. His ability to be coached up at the next level will determine just what he can do at the next level.

Where will Davenport be drafted?

This is not a pick to be made by a team needing a starter out of the draft. Davenport is a bit raw and will take time to develop down the road. It is tough to tell whether he will end up being a starter (eventually) in the NFL or a sixth lineman that can fill in at multiple positions and start for short periods of time.

Many services have him going in the third round, but I feel that is a bit too high. He has the raw skills, but spending a third round pick could come back to bite certain teams in the long run. The fourth round is full of suitable landing spots starting with Carolina. The Panthers could use some long-term help to keep Cam safe.

Other teams in the mix include Minnesota, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis (if they don’t go tackle early), and the Rams. Too many of those teams need a fix now and will not have the patience to let Davenport grow.

In the end, I see Davenport heading to the Mile High city as the #126 pick of the fourth round of the NFL Draft.

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