NFL Draft Profile: Marlon Mack, USF

Marlon Mack

College: South Florida

Position: Running Back

Height: 5-11

Weight: 213 lbs

College Stats: 3,609 yards, 32 rushing touchdowns


In Marlon Mack’s three seasons at USF, he ran like a wild bull (see what I did there), tearing up opposing defenses left and right. While only playing three seasons, he is first all-time by nearly 1000 yards and is first for touchdowns (QB Quinton Flowers is only 2 behind and should pass him this coming season).

Mack has been extremely productive from day one in his college career. In his first game as a true freshman, Mack lit up Western Carolina for 275 yards and four touchdowns in route to AAC Rookie of the Year and first team all-conference honors. The star running back racked up over 3,600 yards on the ground despite sharing the workload in the spread it out offense of South Florida.

Take a look at the teams that were all over Mack heading into national signing day. He was a one time UCLA commit, gave Louisville a serious look, and saw Michigan give a hard push for his services. Much of the reason for Mack landing at USF was a guarantee that he would play running back. Many of the other top teams had visions of him on the other side of the ball, making plays at safety. It is safe to say that Mack made the right decision.


Mack is silky smooth, he can slide around defenders with spins and jukes. It isn’t rough either, everything he does is insanely smooth, it looks effortless. Mack also has the speed to break away, his acceleration is amazing, once he gets to the second level, he’s gone. His breakaway speed is shown perfectly with this stat: 6 of his 15 touchdowns this past season were from 43+ yards away.

If you try to stop him you better be ready to defend the outside, he loves bouncing outside, getting the corner and bursting up the field for a huge gain. Even if after the jukes, spin moves, and breakaway speed you somehow are in the position to tackle him, he has the strength to throw you off of him. He’s extremely hard to bring down.


He bounces the ball outside a little too much, sometimes it appears that he doesn’t like to go up the middle and find a hole. If they run him on a sweep, even if he has a hole he will almost always keep running to the outside. If there isn’t a place for him to run once he gets outside, he gets happy feet and panics.

All of his weaknesses have to do with him bouncing outside too often, if he just cuts up the middle more he will be much harder to defend against.

Where Will Mack Land:

Marlon is projected to be a 3rd-4th round pick and I think he might stay in Tampa. The Bucs need a running back who can give them quality carries and Mack could be just what they want, a hometown kid (he’s from Sarasota) who stayed home and made a name for himself at his home college. I think he’d fit perfectly alongside Winston and Jackson.

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