Denver Broncos Select Louisiana Tech’s Carlos Henderson with #82 Pick

I guess it was just a matter of time before Carlos Henderson joined the parade of value picks coming from Forgotten 5 schools starting in the late second round.

He has top end speed and while you may knock him for benefitting from CUSA defenses and playing across from Trent Taylor, you also cannot discount the rampant success he had in the return game, which gives him a chance to stick with an NFL team sooner rather than later.

Henderson racked up 1,535 yards and 19 touchdowns in his junior season, and it will take the 2017 NFL preseason to find out just how much he benefitted from the talent around him and how much of his success was his own skill and athleticism.

Teams have talked about him having issues with taking plays off, which I personally would chalk up to him having such a damned easy time getting open looks between playing with Taylor and playing against the defensive backs that he did.

This should be a good fit for Henderson as a slot receiver and return man – at least initially – and we’ll see whether Todd McShay (loves Carlos because he “catches everything”) or Mel Kiper (doesn’t love him because his technique is not NFL-ready) is more correct. I’ll bet a can of pomade that I know who is right, and that Carlos succeeds quickly in the Eddie Royal mold.

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