Forgettable Five Podcast Episode 1: Boats and Schmoes

Here we have it ladies and gentlemen, the Forgettable Five Podcast makes its triumphant return!

On today’s episode, your podcast host (me, Nic) and my hot-shot co-host (Kash O’brien) discuss:

~The Best Group of Five Plays of the Last Decade Bracket of Doom
~How to Ruin a Date With Football
~What’s the Right Way to Courteously Report Football News?

Music featured in this episode:
Anymore by Fritz Myers
Handouts Remix by Dewey Binns ft Dex Owusu

As I mentioned in the podcast, Dewey is currently creating an original song for our podcast that will go into regular rotation in our podcast musical selections, as will a lot of his other music. If you know of other artists who would like to have their work featured on our podcasts, let us know.

Also featured is Fritz Myers, a high school friend of mine, who spends most of his time scoring movies but put an album out 7 years ago on Band Camp and will someday soon be pursuing a second album.



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