Greatest G5 Moments of the Past Decade: Final Four

Round two is in the books and it was quite eventful, to say the least. We received a total of 315 votes across four matchups. To put that number into perspective, we received 344 votes from the entire first round (eight matchups). We saw mind-boggling upsets and Army return to its regular punching bag form in the second round. Before we get into the semifinal matchups, here is a rundown of how round two went.

This one went as expected. UCF’s win was certainly unexpected, but Boise State’s bow on the 2007 season was one for the ages.


In hindsight, these two should have been seeded much closer together. While ULM didn’t drub the competition as it did in the first round, it still walked away with yet another upset win.


Chalk this one up to the Southern Miss fans that roared back in the late hours of this poll. 137 votes was the most we have had for a single matchup. USM won 71-66 in the most stunning upset this bracket has seen.


After its poor showing in the previous matchup, Army’s presence caved dramatically. It never had a chance against the winning pair of feet.


Final Four

Fiesta miracle vs Sun Belt over Saban

1          Statue of Liberty- 2007

It has been an easy ride for the Bronco squad of 2007. The question now is can it stave off the anti-Saban buzz saw that has carried its Cinderella opponent this far?


13          The Warhawks Take Down Nick Saban- 2007

We as a staff didn’t think this one would survive very long. We were wrong. Monroe gave the Sun Belt conference a win over an SEC team and it will forever live on in Forgotten history. Or die out in this round.



7          Southern Mississippi wins CUSA- 2011

After pulling off the biggest upset of the bracket, it has a chance to pull off another. First, it must get past the footerception. You can bet we’ll have our eyes on this one.


11         Nifty footwork seals it for New Mexico State- 2015

The interception by feet managed to beat out the 45 year streak ending Navy team and then blew Army off its rocker in the second round. After mowing through the service academy’s, the Aggies will have to get past the biggest over-achiever of the bracket.

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