How Does The Forgotten 5 Affiliate Program Work?

So I’m sure you’ve seen F5 logos starting to pop up around twitter and if you haven’t, look closer.

Here at Forgotten 5 we are working on building a network of Twitter accounts that will represent each G5 school. We are searching around twitter “hunting” for fan accounts with no affiliation with any other site, all we want is someone who cares deeply about their respected school.

All you would have to do if you are an account is change your handle to @F5_(insert what you want here) and change your logo to an F5 one. We have at least two logos for each school and we will send you them once you are on board.

Joining our team will give your account more visibility as well as helping our site grow a fan base with the team you represent.

As of July 20th at 10am we have 10 affiliate accounts:



@F5_HeresAToast-Air Force




@F5_NewMexicoSt-New Mexico State

@F5_ToTheTop-Southern Miss

@F5_GaSouthern-Georgia Southern


If you know of any fan accounts for schools we don’t have please contact us through social media our handle on each platform is @RememberF5. We look forward to talking to more of you and growing our network of twitter accounts.


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