The future of ‘Last Chance U’ – Should the show leave EMCC?

Last Chance U Season 2 hit Netflix just over a week ago. I watched all eight episodes in two days as I was excited to watch it after last year’s breakout success. It hasn’t generated the buzz that Season 1 did, but that’s not surprising. What might be surprising is the news that the show is apparently leaving EMCC and Scooba for Independence CC in the southwest of Kansas.

That would mean no more growling lion guy, no more I HATE ALL OF YOU, EVERYONE TOUCH SOMEBODY, OURFATHERWHOARTINHEAVEN…., no more Mit Wagna (although she left EMCC anyway) and no more Buddy promising to change then telling making light of his offensive coordinator’s wife leaving him.

Of course, Coach Jerkface doesn’t really want the cameras to leave, despite being shown lashing out at the cameras often.

So what would be the best thing for the future of the show? Remain in Scooba or hit the road?

Reasons to stay at EMCC

-You have a core character in Buddy Stephens who, despite what he wants, is the villain of the show. There’s mileage in his efforts to turn into a good guy and he’s a proven draw.

-The story at EMCC is captivating. Players who want either a first or second chance at the big time and a list of suitors willing to take them. There’s always new stories to tell.

-The drama of who would be Brittany Wagner’s replacement. Would this person be tougher on the players? Would they coddle certain players more? Would they have more of a relationship with the coaching staff and Stephens?

-The brand of football is really appealing to a viewer. At times, it looks like a video game with the acrobatic moves and flashy play.

Reasons to leave EMCC

-The Scooba well seems poisoned. Stephens is aware he’s being filmed and at times, it seems to impact his coaching. And how long before players go just to be on camera? Same question with potential new assistant coaches?

-How many times can you tell the same story before it becomes monotonous? It can be both a pro and a con, but at the core, it can be frustrating to see players make the same mistakes year after year. However, this could also be the case for other Junior Colleges.

-We’ve seen a program who can sleepwalk to 7-8 wins a year. What about a program that doesn’t have that automatic success?

-A “Last Chance U” that goes to a different school each year could be a breath of fresh air. One year at Independence CC, then somewhere else. Let’s see what the JuCo life is like in other regions of the country, some where you don’t have a dozen FBS programs within a short drive.


Regardless of the future of “Last Chance U,” we can all agree that people will watch.

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