2017 Boise State Preview: They’re always good, but can they be great?

To the unreasonably concerned super Bronco fan,

Bryan Harsin is not a disappointment.  He’s a good coach.  He’s surrounded by an experienced staff who knows the system and fully understands the lofty expectations.

So stop acting like the Broncos are going to win the MWC every year.  This isn’t the WAC, nor should it be treated like the WAC.  Boise State’s inclusion in the MWC has allowed other teams to catch up (and some to seriously fall behind…looking at you Fresno).

The bullseye gets bigger every year: the Broncos are seemingly losing more conference games…yet, they’re finishing either first or second in the division.

So stop complaining.  This team can go 12-0, or it could go 9-3 and it would still be considered a modestly decent season.

You know who would love to be in the Broncos situation? About 100 other FBS schools.

BSU has a fantastic QB in Brett Rypien, with backup transfer Montell Cozart, who’s decent, but experienced.  Their receiving corps is tops in the MWC, as long as they stay healthy.

The offensive line is experienced and allows Brett Rypien to feel safe.  The running back situation is not ideal, however the BSU philosophy has been “Next Man Up.”

After Ian Johnson, people thought the running game would take a downturn, however Doug Martin stepped up…and Jay Ajayi after him, and Jeremy McNichols after him.  What’s stopping Alexander Mattison or Ryan Wolpin to do the same?

On the defense, there are hard-hitters.  Would Bronco fans like to have more ball-hawks this year?  Of course: especially when the team went -9 on turnovers last year.

However, I’d rather see solid tackling and cutting down on YAC’s.  I think everyone would be happy to stop the broken tackling troubles.

Jabril Frazier is back from a three-surgery offseason, allowing Durrant Miles to move back to his traditional DE position.  Opposing quarterbacks better prepare themselves: they’re going to get hit, and hard.

Relax.  Think happy thoughts.  Look at this schedule and ponder what could be:

You love that schedule as a Bronco fan.  A good-Sun Belt team to claim G5 superiority, BYU, Virginia…A Wazzu team that the Sunday after your beloved Broncos beat them, you’ll be bragging to your friend at some diner in Yakima.

The MWC schedule sets up nicely to run unscathed, as long as BSU remains focused.  It’s always difficult to go undefeated in college football: the coaches know this and the players know this, however, Boise State has always had a tradition of excellence – it didn’t start in 2006.

Is it biased of me to say that 12-0 is more than just in the realm of “possible?” Perhaps just a little, but from a betting perspective, they should be favored in every single game.

Hell, Bill C’s “Win Probability” favors them in every game, so while it may seem like a bias, especially since weird losses have come every year (the 7-turnover nightmare game still haunts me), it’s safe to say that the Broncos should be a 10+ win team…again.

So once again Bronco fans, remind me…why are we worried again? Enjoy the ride, this season will be fun to watch.

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