The Forgotten Five 2nd Annual Power Five Preview!

Like the rest of the nation, we’re stoked for Group of Five football! Who will rise from CUSA? Which team will challenge the Sun Belt Establishment™? Who in the Mountain West has a shot at usurping Boise State? Is Houston still a super power in the AAC? Is Toledo the next Western Michigan of the MAC? Good stuff!

Really, it’s the only stuff.

But once a year, we devote a half hour of Googling to check in on the other guys who also play football this time of year – the Power Five.

Remember, the P5 plays not for championships but for the love of the game! That’s why we have such a soft spot for plucky programs like Alabama and teams like Alabama!

Five P5 teams who can “challenge” the Group of Five!

Alabama Roll Tides

Man, these guys can play football (at the P5 level)! Remember, Coach Nick Saban comes from the Kent State/Toledo coaching tree, so he’s tasted excellence.

Asking for wins against Colorado State and Fresno State may be asking for too much, but look for The Fighting Tides to make another solid run at the SEC!

PREDICTION: 7-5, 7-1 in the SEC

University of Southern California at Los Angeles Trojans

Man, these guys can play football (at the P5 level)! They used to be coached by some guy named Lane Kiffin, so we assume that they still have talent who lingered on the roster.

We looked on and saw that the Trojans (not to be confused with Troy, LOL!) open the season against Western Michigan. We love the moxie!

PREDICTION: 7-5, 7-1 in the PAC-10

Michigan Harboughs

Man, these guys can play football (at the P5 level)! You may not be familiar with Michigan as they don’t even rate a directional prefix like Eastern, Central or Western Michigan.

They’re just Michigan! LOL! How do we even know where to find you in Michigan, guys? It’s a big state! Maybe one of your plucky Harbough fans can tell us where Michigan is!

PREDICTION: 7-5, 7-1 in the Big 1o

Nebraska Cornhuskers

Man, these guys can play football (at the P5 level)! We got to be honest, we know nothing about Nebraska or cornhusking. But we expect them to give Arkansas State a spirited half-of-a-half of football before crumbling to the Red Wolves’ G5 size, speed, genius and depth. You’ll earn every dollar of that paycheck, Cornhuskers!

PREDICTION: 7-5, 7-1 in the Big 12

Three craaazy facts about the P5!

  1. Charlie Strong, Lane Kiffin and Butch Davis were once Power Five coaches!

  2. The SEC used to be called “the Southwest Conference”

  3. The P5 can’t play on Tuesday nights for religious reasons

Best player in the P5

We had to dig super deep into the Google to come up with a name. We hear good things about Christian McCaffery.

Who’s ready to make the huge leap to the Group of Five?

Sadly, academic standards, television demographics, and weak branding prevent all P5 schools from having an even remote shot at moving up to the Group of Five. Rumor has it that the AAC will audition several Big 12 programs in the offseason – but just to point at the candidates and laugh.

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