Will Georgia Southern Make a Change?

If Tyson Summers was on the hot seat to start the 2017 season, by now that ‘seat’ has been reduced to kindling under the heat of Eagles fans’ ire. If he makes it to October as Georgia Southern’s head coach, I would call it a miracle at this point. Dead man walking. I hate to openly speculate about another man’s job, especially when his family and friends might be reading this. But at the end of the day, college football is a business, and tough decisions have to be made.

Tyson Summers is the unofficial CEO of a multi-million dollar company in Georgia Southern football. Its fans and donors are its shareholders. Under Willie Fritz after the Eagles went 17-7, 18-7 if you count the Go Daddy Bowl won by interim Dell McGee. That’s a .720 winning percentage. Tyson Summers is 5-9 with a .357 winning percentage through his first 14 games.

If Disney’s or Google’s revenue were cut in half over the course of 21 months, you better believe the CEO would be fired. But does that mean Georgia Southern will make a change? Let’s unpack this fiasco.

Will a move be made?

I lean towards no. Maybe it is a defense mechanism built up over the years as a sports fan, but I try not to get my hopes up. The reasons are as much situational and logical as they are superstitious and Murphy’s Law. But to paraphrase the great Lloyd Christmas from Dumb and Dumber, I’m telling you there is a chance a move might be made. I would put it at 40%.

I have personally been through five coaching changes over the past 13 years. One thing I have learned is that they come fast and sudden. They always catch people off guard no matter how anticipated the move was at the time. Eagles fans have been fortunate enough not to have a firing since the 2009 sacking of Chris Hatcher.

Georgia Southern has a history of firing coaches with way better track records than Tyson Summers. Tim Stowers won the I-AA national title in 1990 but was fired in 1995 after going 9-4 with a trip to the quarterfinals. Mike Sewak was let go with a lifetime record of 35-14.

An itchy trigger finger has gotten Georgia Southern in predicaments before. See 2006-2009 for reference. For a program that has had only three losing seasons since the restart in 1982, this experience has been downright traumatic.

Whether or not Tom Kleinlein is gun-shy or trigger-happy, the pressure is mounting. The national media has picked up on the disarray in south Georgia. The Eagles made both ESPN.com’s bottom 10 and was #2 on USA Today’s list of most disappointing teams, behind only Texas A&M. Can Kleinlein survive this pressure all season and get a cheaper buyout in the offseason? Or is the time to rip the band-aid off now, and salvage what’s left?

What affect would a change have?

There are recent precedents to look at for early season coaching changes. LSU fired Les Miles on September 25th of last year. Ed Orgeron took over, went 6-2 down the stretch and beat Heisman winner Lamar Jackson and the Louisville in the Citrus Bowl to close out the season. The Tigers finished 9-4, but they have LSU talent.

Ron Turner was fired from FIU on the same day as Les Miles last season. Defensive coordinator Ron Cooper took over and the Panthers finished 4-8 overall, 4-4 in conference. Now they have Butch Davis.

Tim Beckman was fired from Illinois in August 2015, a week before the season started. He was replaced by interim coach Bill Cubit, they proceeded to go 5-7, which wasn’t bad for a coach hired a week before the season. Juxtapose it with Lovie Smith’s 3-9 record his 1st year in Champaign, Ill, and it looks even better.

Coaches have survived larger embarrassments. Will Muschamp was allowed to coach one more full season at Florida after losing to Georgia Southern to close out the 2013 season. Lloyd Carr was able to keep his job until the end of the season after losing to Appalachian State in 2007.

This is the 2nd time in 10 months that President Hebert has seen the wrath of the Eagle fan base. If President Hebert or Tom Kleinlein value the opinion of their donors and customers, a sacrifice might need to be made to appease the mob. It might be better to get a jumpstart on the coaching search so that the program can save what it can out of the recruiting class.

An audition for Bryan Cook as interim head coach would also be useful. His offense has been uninspiring so far (dead last in the country actually). But maybe Coach Cook brings more confidence than Tyson Summers to the position. I remember players talking about how you could hear him yell from the Arby’s across the street from the practice fields on Fair Rd.

Despite a good string of commitments in August, Georgia Southern sits in 5th place on the 247 Sports 2018 Sun Belt recruiting rankings, behind the four “State” schools (Appalachian St, Arkansas St, Texas St, and Georgia St). This recruiting class can be salvaged if a change is made early enough. Mid-December would be a less-advantageous position to recover from.

Watching Coach Summers answer questions during the postgame show and say things like “Well we won the 2nd half” tell me that his confidence is shot. He’s feeling the pressure. He’s grasping at straws for anything positive. It felt as if the players have lost confidence in him.

Can Georgia Southern afford it?

 “But we can’t afford it.”

I have heard this refrain repeated by Eagles fans so many times, on so many platforms, that many of them believe as the truth. I know where this mentality comes from. Georgia Southern has never been a wealthy school. Our athletic budgets, even in the Southern Conference, ranked at-best in the middle of the pack. One of the reasons it took so long for Georgia Southern to move to FBS is that they were already pinching pennies as it was.

Due to a combination of factors. An increase in student fees, increasing enrollment, conference revenues, and the new consolidation with Armstrong State in Savannah; Georgia Southern’s athletic budget jumped from $18 million in 2015 to $30 million in 2017. Once Armstrong State officially becomes part of Georgia Southern next fall and adds another 7,000 students, who knows how high the budget will go?

Now Tom Kleinlein is running a surplus to the tune of $1.2 million. Tyson Summers’ buyout comes out to $900,000 this season and $600,000 in 2018. It’s now a question of whether that extra $300K is worth waiting out this season or not. The longer he waits, the more pressure he is under.

I was curious about what Georgia Southern could afford with a $30 million budget. So I put together a chart of peer schools to Georgia Southern in the G5 with similar budgets, in the $27-32 million range. Here is what I found.

School Coach Salary Bonuses Asst. budget Ath. Budget
FIU Butch Davis $900K $500K $1.6m $29m
FAU Lane Kiffin $900K $550K $1.4m $32m
UTSA Frank Wilson $835K $185K $1m $27m
WKU Mike Sanford $800K $500K $1m $29m
Utah St. Matt Wells $800K $730K $1.4m $32m
Marshall Doc Holliday $762K $145K $1.2m $30m
Toledo Jason Candle $675K $600K $944K $27m
NIU Rod Carey $623K $205K $921K $28m
Troy Neal Brown $600K $490K $1.1m $27m
Ohio Frank Solich $572K $313K $900K $31m
App. State Scott Satterfield $525K $290K $1m $31m
South Alabama Joey Jones $525K $211K $1.1m $27m
Georgia St. Shawn Elliott $515K $205K $1.1m $28m
Georgia Southern Tyson Summers $500K $200K $1.1m $30m

I broke it up into three categories. Salary, bonuses, and assistant budget. Of course FIU and FAU are at the top with their glamorous hires of Butch Davis and Lane Kiffin. UTSA is trying to make a similar splash. But take a closer look at the other schools near the top: Marshall, WKU, Utah State, Toledo, and NIU.

These are programs that Georgia Southern is trying to emulate at this level. When Georgia Southern has roughly the same athletic budget as Marshall, yet pay Tyson Summers a quarter-million less, how do you expect to compete?

Georgia Southern ranked near the bottom of the schools it is competing against, both in the Sun Belt and outside of it. This is the first year where Georgia Southern’s operating budget is this high, so of course it will take time to adjust. But the “we can’t afford it excuse” holds less water than it used to.

If a move was made, what is the best course forward?

1. Mike Houston – James Madison head coach – Overall 59–20; defending FCS champ, beat South Carolina when he was at the Citadel. His star has been rising like a geyser since his Lenoir-Rhyne days.
FCS National Championship (2016)
CAA (2016), SoCon (2015), 3× South Atlantic (2011–2013)
SoCon Coach of the Year: 2015
SAC Coach of the Year: 2011, 2012, 2013
AFCA Region I Coach of the Year: 2015, 2016
AFCA National FCS Coach of the Year: 2016
CAA Coach of the Year: 2016
ECAC Bob Ford FCS Coach of the Year: 2016
Price tag: $400K

2. Ivin Jasper – Navy offensive coordinator/QB coach – 18th year at the Naval Academy, spent 16 as the QB coach and 10 as the offensive coordinator. The Midshipmen had a 120-61 (.663) record over the last 14 years, that includes 13 bowl games, 10 Commander-In-Chief’s Trophies and a 14-1 mark against Army. Jasper came to Navy from Georgia Southern QB/BB coach for three years including back-to-back NCAA Division I-AA National Championships in 1999 and 2000.
Price tag: $350K

3. Brian Bohannon – Kennesaw State head coach – Paul Johnson tree, has coached at GS before just like Jasper. He’s KSU’s first ever coach. That program is his baby and he’s done a good job raising it.
1994–1995 West Georgia (AC)
1996 Gardner–Webb (WR)
1997–1999 Georgia Southern (WR)
2000–2001 Georgia Southern (DB)
2002–2007 Navy (WR)
2008–2012 Georgia Tech (QB/B-backs)
2013–present Kennesaw State
Price tag: $221K

4. Brent Davis – Army offensive coordinator/OL coach – Coached an Army rushing attack that ranked second in the nation in 2016. Army set a new program record for single season rushing touchdowns with 46 and their 4,412 yards was the third most in academy history in ’16. Took GS to the FCS playoffs 11 times as part of the coaching staff.
1997-05: Georgia Southern (assistant coach/running backs/offensive line)
2006-09: Virigina Military Institute (offensive coordinator/quarterbacks/running backs)
interim head coach (1/2008-3/2008)
2010-13: Georgia Southern (offensive coordinator/offensive line)
2014-pres.: Army West Point (offensive coordinator/offensive line)
Price tag: $300K

5. Doug Ruse – Tulane offensive coordinator – Willie Fritz’s offensive coordinator. His offense was an evolutionary step forward in triple option concepts. His gun/pistol triple option produced 37.7 points and 456 yards per game in his two years in Statesboro. Was a nominee for the Broyles Award in 2014.
Price tag: $200-400K

6. Mike Thiessen – Air Force offensive coordinator/QB coach – Air Force’s offensive coordinator for the past four seasons under Troy Calhoun. They are currently tops in the nation in rushing at 473 ypg through 2 games. 2nd last year.
Price tag: $217K

7. Bob DeBesse – New Mexico offensive coordinator – Bob Davie has brought the triple option to the desert. Bob DeBesse is his coordinator and he led a Lobo offense that lead the league in rushing last season. OL coach Saga Tuitele was thrown around as a possible offensive coordinator before Bryan Cook was hired.
Price tag: $221K

8. Dell McGee – UGA RB coach – This one is complicated. He lead the Eagles to their one and only bowl victory over Bowling Green in 2015’s Go Daddy Bowl. He served admirably as the interim head coach after Willie Fritz left for Tulane. He was not retained after Tyson Summers was hired, much to the chagrin of Eagle fans that grew to love the guy. His track record at the high school ranks is impressive. UGA promptly scooped up McGee after they saw the development of young backs like Matt Breida, LA Ramsby, and Wes Fields under his watch at GS. He already got a raise from UGA heading into his second year. Would he make a great head coach even though he’s just a position coach? Maybe. I heard he can recruit and he looks mean enough to be a head coach. But it would be a gamble.
Price tag: $350K

9. Bryan Cook – GS OC/QB coach – Had to throw his name in here. If he does get named the interim at some point this season than it will be his audition. The first two games have gone about as badly as they could have gone. Benching Shai Werts may or may not solve that problem. If he turns it around and gets this offense going by the end of the year there’s a slight chance he might take over, but it’s diminishing by the day.
Price tag: $315K

10. Wildcard – Jeff Monken, Willie Fritz, Les Miles, Chip Kelly, Greg Schiano? – I had to throw in a wild card for some fun. If the F_U schools can slap down close to $1 million to lure Lane Kiffin and Butch Davis, why can’t Georgia Southern be that ballsy? Aim high and settle high.
Price tag; $1 million/year

Is there any hope left?

New Hampshire was supposed to be the regroup game. It was meant to be easy. The schedule only gets tougher from here. I think Shai Werts needs to sit. He is not ready. Let the juniors LaBaron Anthony and Kado Brown get playing time and let Werts learn from the sideline. If they commit to establishing the dive early on in games, it might make the offense functional.

If Tyson Summers stays, it is going to get ugly. GS will lose more games. Probably to App State, Arkansas State, and Troy. If Georgia Southern loses to Georgia State for a third straight year, I shudder to think what our fan base would be like at that point. Tom Kleinlein is firmly on the hot seat right now. With the former DII athletic director of the year Lisa Sweany as his deputy, he’s become more expendable.

If Tyson Summers is let go by the end of September, then there’s a sliver of hope for an Ed Orgeron/Tim Beckman type, circle-the-wagons, late season run. 6-6 might be salvageable. Either way, it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Georgia Southern has a history of firing coaches with way better track records than Tyson Summers. Tim Stowers won the I-AA national title in 1990 but was fired in 1995 after going 9-4 with a trip to the quarterfinals. Mike Sewak was let go after back-to-back playoff trips.

An itchy trigger finger has gotten Georgia Southern in predicaments before. See 2006-2009 for reference. For a program that has had only three losing seasons since the restart in 1982, this experience has been downright traumatic.

13 thoughts on “Will Georgia Southern Make a Change?

  1. Nick Burgess, you just don’t get it, Tom Kleinlein wants the flex bone option gone from Georgia Southern. So all those Paul Johnson tree coaches you listed, just throw them out of your mind because Tom Kleinlein wants Georgia Southern to have nothing to do with them. Tom Kleinlein seems to want Georgia Southern to move to the future and run the same type of spread offense just like every other team in the country is running, therefore, he is more likely to lean towards coaches associated with Willie Fritz than those coaches associated with Paul Johnson. I love seeing Georgia Southern running the flexbone offense, it is a thing of beauty to behold, but I think those days are not coming back to Georgia Southern anytime soon. Tyson Summers seems to be in love with the idea of running whatever type of option he is trying to run from the shot gun formation, but snapping the ball to the quarterback and then running right or running left is just unimaginative. Georgia Southern ran the option from under center in the spring, but the head coach interfered with his offensive coordinator, who he hired, to run that junk offense that Georgia Southern is running this season, which looks exactly like the same junk offense Georgia Southern ran in 2016. Since the only thing that remained the same was the head coach, then we can all clearly see that Georgia Southern’s unimaginative offense is Tyson Summers vision. Good job Tom Kleinlein, hire the coach from the worst Georgia Southern coaching staff to be the Georgia Southern head coach instead of hiring any of the other number of coaches who were on the successful Georgia Southern coaching staffs (sarcasm).


  2. Everybody really needs to slow down. A lot.
    When has any GS offense looked good with a green QB? Case in point, a young Izzy Youyute. People were ready to fire Monken when that was going on.

    I’m not comparing the two situations. Tyson Summers isn’t in Jeff Monken’s league as a football coach. My point is that y’all are acting like we play in the ACC or something? We play in the Sun Belt guys. None of these teams are world beaters, and a good many of them would’ve lost to New Hampshire too. That’s just the truth.
    What we are seeing right now is the product of an extremely young team with an even more inexperienced QB, in a new system. That’s just the facts. Judging it just two games in is a big mistake. Let things play out. Let Shai grow up some. I freaking guaranteee you we see this offense improve week to week, and that will be directly correlated to Shai Werts experience level in the offense.
    Yes, it has looked terrible the first two games. No arguments. However there are legitimate reasons for that poor offensive performance other than simply “Tyson Summers sucks”.
    The mob needs to chill out on this guy. He’s trying, and you can see the anguish in his face and see it in his eyes. Don’t support him if you don’t want to, but Christ almighty can y’all not shit on the entire season for the next 13 weeks? The players deserve better. Let the team and the QB mature some, and let’s see where we are at the midway point of the season. If at the end of the season things have not drastically improved, then maybe we can start talking about pressuring the AD to make a move. Until then y’all are just wasting your time though. We won’t fire a coach mid-season under these circumstances. It would make us look worse than Summers does now for losing. The only way I could see him getting fired mid-season would be during the extended off days after the app State game. That’s the window that y’all who want him gone should look at when it comes.
    I still say Cook and the staff get us going on O. And I’m saying 5-7 for the season mark.
    We’ll see. GATA


    1. Your argument doesn’t wash about Georgia Southern being a young team excuse as to way Tyson Summers is not doing well this season because last season Tyson Summers took over a veteran squad with two senior quarterbacks and he still lead Georgia Southern to a losing season. Excuses run their course, Tyson Summers is the coach and Georgia Southern did not bring in him to lose to New Hampshire and to go 5-7. Tyson Summers is a coach with a defensive background, yet his defense isn’t really that good. And for whatever reason Tyson Summers is in love with running the option from the shot gun formation and it is so predictable. The trying hard thing is whatever because every coach tries hard. I just don’t think Tyson Summers was a good hire. He was a coach on the Georgia Southern coaching staff that went 3-8 meaning Tom Kleinlein passed up coaches who were part of Georgia Southern’s more successful teams in order to hire the coach who was on the 3-8 staff. I don’t think Georgia Southern will fire him at all during the season or even after the season even if Georgia Southern goes winless. Because Georgia Southern is on a budget and they are not going to be paying a coach to be doing nothing.


  3. 2 different staffs = 2 different situations.
    You’re not giving this current offensive staff a chance because of what Dean and Gillespie did last year.
    That’s not exactly fair. Nor does it make any sense.
    Give the current staff on offense a chance to get their system in place, and give the QB a chance to grow up in said system. 2 games isn’t enough time to make a complete analysis on this team, given the youth and new coaching.
    I wonder if you’ll come back here to post a comment if this ship gets turned around this season? I doubt it. I have to ask, where is your loyalty, to GS or to the Flexbone? Fritz ran the option from the shotgun just fine.
    It’s not the system that is the problem, and it certainly isn’t the shotgun formation. It’s the youth of the team, especially the QB. It’s really that simple. However, I’m certain that the mob will continue to call for his head all season, continue to undercut the entire team, and demand we hire somebody who will run the flex. Never mind that Monken is making hay in West Point beating the likes of fordham and buffalo with that awesome flexbone. Color me unimpressed. I swear our fans at Gs are both our biggest strength and our greatest weakness.
    Nothing I’ll say will change anybody’s mind though. The ship has already sailed. Good luck to everybody in harassing the Summers’ on social media and running his family out of town.


  4. Georgia Southern is not going to fire Tyson Summers mid season or even after the season is over even if Georgia Southern goes 0-12 because Georgia Southern is not going to be paying Tyson Summers to sit on his butt and do nothing and still pay a new coach. Georgia Southern is on a budget and they will just bite the bullet no matter how horrible of a season Tyson Summers lead Georgia Southern to. And young team or not, Tyson Summers Georgia Southern offense is unimaginative. Snapping the ball to the quarterback in the shot gun formation and running right or left is so very predictable. Tyson Summers was a defensive coordinator at Colorado State, yet his defense isn’t very good at Georgia Southern. So his offense is unimaginative and not effective and his defense isn’t very good, and the only excuse left for fans is to say the team is young and try to bash Jeff Monken, who is doing a great job at Army. Tyson Summers only experience at Georgia Southern prior to being hired as Georgia Southern’s head football coach was being a assistant coach on the staff that lead Georgia Southern to a 3-8 record. So Tom Kleinlein bypassed every single coach who were part of the more successful Georgia Southern staffs, and he went with Tyson Summers from that 3-8 Georgia Southern staff. So why is everyone acting surprised with Tyson Summers showing that he isn’t a good head coach?


  5. It’s a completely invalid criticism to try to connect Summers with BVG, just because he was basically a grad assistant on BVG’s 2006 squad. Perfect example of the irrational nature of this fan base.
    All you have is emotion, and very little by way of actual objective analysis. I guess because it’s Tyson Summers’ team, the freshman QB is supposed to instantly play like a senior. The entirely new defensive front 7 is supposed to immediately gel, and the offense with all new coaches is supposed to run like a swiss watch. I got it now. Makes complete sense.
    I really have no doubt that you’re one of the winners who tweets at Summers’ wife to leave town. Get a life, and quit with the annoying melodramatics.
    We are always one coaching hire away from back in top. The idea that we won’t recover from this hire if he doesn’t turn it around, is ridiculous.
    You want a problem we won’t soon recover from? Fire coaches without giving them a chance. If you fire Summers right now, after 2 games with this new “do-over” staff, then that’s exactly the problem you’ll have. You’ll put us in a spot where any non-flex coach will think twice about coming here. Quite frankly, that’s already the case, but feel free to continue making it worse.
    As for GS being “on a budget”, well, yeah. Every school is on a budget. That doesn’t make this a zero sum game though, unless you’re from the Baker school of athletic directors. Your budget premise simply isn’t supported by our history. In other words, I really have to wonder how long you’ve been a GS fan, because we have paid 2 coaches to sit on their butts for periods of time. Namely, Stowers and Sewak.
    You people need to get ahold of yourself. This hysterical hand wringing is sad, and it shows how dumb this fanbase can be at times.
    Am I pissed about losing to UNH? Hell yes.
    Am I willing to make a rash decision, without a complete picture, just to satisfy an emotional need to react and completely screw this season over after 2 only games? Nope.
    Let the team grow up with the season. Shut up for a second, and let it play out.
    We get it already. You and your gang are not happy right now (as if anybody is, including Tyson Summers). if we are lucky, you keyboard snipers won’t completely destroy everybody’s confidence before that has a chance to happen.
    GATA and Go Eagles.
    True Blue


    1. Fact is Tyson Summers was on the worst Georgia Southern coaching staff that lead Georgia Southern to a whopping 3-8 record. Fact is Tom Kleinlein bypassed all the other assistant coaches from the more Georgia Southern coaching staffs to hire Tyson Summers as head coach. Fact, Tyson Summers took over a successful veteran team and promptly lead Georgia Southern to a 5-7 record. Fact, Tyson Summers offense at Georgia Southern is unimaginative and ineffective. Fact, Tyson Summers is the head coach and youth is not a excuse for losing. Coaches tend to use youth and inexperience to keep pressure off of them. He is the head coach and he knows the players he has and he chooses the starters so excuses don’t fly. However, I don’t believe Georgia Southern will fire Tyson Summers this season,no matter what kind of losing record Georgia Southern would have. Georgia Southern is not in the business of paying coaches to go away.


  6. When Izzy Youyute was fumbling away our season in 2012, was it Monken’s scheme, or was it Izzy’s youth at the time that was the problem?
    Lots of “facts” listed on that post, not many of them relevant(and some not even facts at all). Haha.
    I’m going to guess you had no problems with Irma. I guarantee living in Jeff Monken’s rectum is a safe harbor during a storm. Nice call. Keep rooting for the Fighting Flexboners, bud. I’ll stick with my Eagles no matter what.

    Nick Burgess, I love your column, but hate your readers. It’s a paradox.
    GATA. Go Eagles.


    1. Stop whining about youth. Tyson Summers took over a veteran team in 2016, coming off of a 9-4 season in 2015, and Tyson Summers promptly went 5-7 with a veteran team. So what was the excuse for the 2016 season? Excuses run their course. And NO Tyson Summers will not be fired this season no matter how bad Georgia Southern record maybe.


    2. Stop with your excuses, the team’s success and failures start and end with the head coach. Tyson Summers is not a good head coach, so far. I love the flexbone offense because I played in it. But Tyson Summers option offense is simply unimaginative and is not effective. And again understand GEORGIA SOUTHERN IS NOT GOING TO FIRE TYSON SUMMERS THIS SEASON NO MATTER HOW AWFUL THE SEASON GOES BECAUSE GEORGIA SOUTHERN IS NOT GOING TO FIRE HIM WHILE STILL PAYING HIM. Georgia Southern is on a budget and it is not in the business of giving away free money to a fired coach. Georgia Southern is going to give Tyson Summers time to build Georgia Southern back into a winner, and it will be up to Tyson Summers to do just that. He doesn’t seem to want to run a flexbone or option system, so he needs to stop with that facade. He needs to run a offense he feels comfortable with and succeed or fail with what he truly wants to do. But the truth is, the flexbone offense won’t be returning to Georgia Southern anytime soon. However, the offense Tyson Summers has run since he has been at Georgia Southern has been atrocious.


  7. Do you even follow the team? Can’t believe I have to explain this to you.
    The “excuse” for 2016 was Dean, Gillespie, and the S&C coach.
    We brought in a new staff, and essentially gave Summers a do-over. It’s obvious that you are so opposed to letting the staff do the jobs they were hired to do, only because you’re a fan of The Fighting Flexboners. Clearly not an Eagle fan.
    Quit using the team’s slow start as a pretext to argue for your Flexboner obsession.
    Honestly, it’s comical that you think it’s ok to fire this coach right now, after we just hired a brand new offensive staff.
    Nobody likes the job that Summers has done so far. The difference is that some of us are rational about what we should do about fixing it, and some are emotional basket cases who want to run this program like it’s their office fantasy football team.


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