The best offense in the state of Florida is in Orlando

Thanks to that damn hurricane Irma, the people of college football will be delayed from knowing who the best offense in the state of Florida is. With the last two games of UCF being postponed or canceled due to the natural disaster, the Knights are going to come out “green” this upcoming Saturday. The whole cfb universe is going to be introduced to the UCF offense when they dismantle the Maryland defense. Let us not forget that Maryland is currently top 25 worthy. So sit back, and relax as we spit those #UCFast facts at you, and tell you why the best offense in Florida lives in Orlando.


The Big Three of Mediocrity (and USF)


Let us be honest, Florida, FSU, and Miami on offense are very shaky so far. Even though FSU played #1 Alabama, they lost their star quarterback, and are starting from square one. Without their quarterback the verdict will be on going for the FSU offense for a while.


In Miami, they were the only Florida team that opened with an FCS opponent. We have been through this with Miami before. They start off strong against their cupcakes, and then start fading away as the season develops. Let’s not forget their quarterback’s only start was against Bethune-Cookman thus far.


In Gainesville, we aren’t even sure if they have a competent offensive coach. Their quarterback cannot read coverages pre-snap which makes him struggle in his vertical passing game (besides the last lucky play). As we saw yesterday their offense has resulted into dink and dunk football, which makes them very unsuccessful. The next choice for QB is a Notre Dame transfer who can barely see over the offensive line.


In Tampa, the arch rival USF has been looking solid, but we will see how long that flame last. They have been showing struggles at times, and had way too many penalties against a horrid Illinois team.


The most explosive offense #UCFast


Against a Butch Davis coached defense, McKenzie Milton only had four throws that touched the ground all night, he was nearly perfect. Everyone got in on the party against FIU, and the score could have been in the 80’s if Coach Frost wanted it.

The pass blocking for the offensive line looks vastly improved this season. They look to be communicating, and bumping kick slides when blitzing linebackers come. The offensive line improving, means better chances of a vertical passing game, which we saw in the opener.

With so many weapons on the perimeter, I do not envision many defenses in the AAC having success against it. Espescially when you finally have the perimeter figured out, and TE Jordan Akins attacks you within the seams.

The game against Maryland, gives UCF an awesome opportunity. The offense should feel challenged to scaffold the execution from the season opener. Even though Maryland has had major success thus far, their defense is quite suspect.



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