MWC Roundup Week 3: The “Why Me?” hangover hits

Hail, Monty!

Or at least that’s what the rest of the MWC should be saying.  The Aztecs under Rocky Long have become the standard-bearer in the Mountain West for the past couple years, but this year especially at the expense of a bad Arizona State team and a severely overrated Stanford.  That’s two quality wins over P5 opponents…let’s face it, SDSU is playing lights out!

This seems like a season that it would be better for the rest of the conference to bow down to the Aztecs, however the Falcons might have something to say about that.  Air Force, while not able to come up with the upset versus Michigan, provided the Wolverines with a challenge that kept the game close until the 4th quarter.  It’s not AFA’s offense that people hate nowadays…it’s the defense.  And just because Christian Chapman looked decent again (and Rashaad Penny is making people forget about Donnel Pumphrey), doesn’t mean that the Aztecs shouldn’t look ahead.

Boise State is fine, and that’s all I will say about that.  New Mexico on the other hand…is on fire, and not the good fire.  Chase Hatada for Boise State targeted Lamar Jordan and took him out of the game…leaving third-string Colton Gerhart to try his luck versus the Broncos.  While that didn’t end well, Gerhart does have a promising future and will be instrumental to the Lobos success in the future.

Now let’s look at the other MW tea-

Dammit. Just. Dammit


Could nobody do ANYTHING? I mean…I expected this out the Rams because they were being Processed by Alabama, and Washington is good again and walloped Fresno State, doesn’t mean everyone should just lie down and take a beating.

Utah St – Wake Forest might be fun to watch, but with the performance you put up, people will think you’ve just given up on the season.

Wyoming – YOU GOT TO HOST OREGON! Could you put up a little more of a fight?

San Jose St – You made Utah look like they’re offensively competent.  BYU didn’t even let Utah do that.

Nevada – Just what in the Sam Hill do you think you’re doing? Not only did you get dominated the entire game, you lost to an FCS team that Utah State hung a 50-burger on.  I don’t know what to say beyond that…Idaho State is not a good FCS team (just like Howard isn’t so shut up Rebel fans).  This game is more disappointing because it’s not Week 1 anymore, everyone expects a Week 1 FCS upset…this is WEEK 3.  Players should be more conditioned, offenses and defense should be running smoothly, fans begin to defend their pre-season expectations based off the first quarter of the season.  The Wolf Pack might not win a game this season: that’s what we’re staring at.

It’s a sobering Monday for MWC teams…at least we’ll have the Aztecs-Falcons game to look forward to.

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