Sun Belt Football Teams as Taco Bell Offerings

So it dawned upon me late one night recently, while idling in the Taco Bell driveway, that I might get a kick out of comparing my favorite Sun Belt football teams to menu items from the always stupendous Taco Bell.

Then I sat down and realized this was a bigger challenge than I expected, so I enlisted the help of Twitter.

Appalachian State University

Cantina Power Bowl

Twitter was an epic chasm of silence when it came to the Mountaineers, so I took hold of this one. Like App State, the Power Bowl is newer to the menu but will quickly become a go-to once you have tried it more than once.   Also, there are two types of Power Bowls, just like the number of bowl wins the Mountaineers have over the past two years.


Arkansas State University

Nachos Bell Grande




No context from Jay, but it’s a true fact. This menu item doesn’t get a whole lot of attention, but it’s a solid classic that you wind up ordering well over half the time that you go there.

Coastal Carolina University

The New Booze Menu


 She’s not wrong. It’s also unknown yet as to how many hangovers the Chanticleers have caused and/or will cause, so this continues to be an apt comparison.

Georgia Southern University

Double Decker Taco

Kara quickly chimed in again with a disturbingly accurate description of the Eagles’ menu item.

“Ga So is definitely a double-decker taco – a twist on a classic, just like the option offense… Also for some strange reason not as good as when first introduced.”. We could not have said it better.



Georgia State University

Fiesta Taco Salad

Fortunately for this one, a rival came over the top rope at the last second with an excellent suggestion.


Seriously!! $5.75 after tax for taco ingredients loosely piled inside a taco shaped bowl rather than sequentially layered inside a different shae of taco? Get the hell out of here.

New Mexico State University

Cinnabon Delights


Like NMSU, they are a newer item to the menu that will be gone in a year.  Plus you can’t go wrong when an Aggie himself approves of this choice.


University of Idaho

The Potato-Rito



Nothing says potatoes and limitations like Idaho.

University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Verde sauce packet/soda theft

This was our one source of competition, but I thought both comparisons were apt in their own way, so I’ll include them both


We have to admit ULL has been pretty mild the last few years and they have a chili pepper as a mascot.  It just makes sense


I’ll just let that one speak for itself.

University of Louisiana at Monroe

Chicken Quesadilla

Again, let’s be honest about ULM.  The Warhawks have been a little more chicken than a Bird of Prey.


University of South Alabama

Regular Crunchy Taco

Tried and true.  Like the taco is to Taco Bell, the Jags have been there since the beginning.   South Alabama is the only continuous member since the beginning of the Sun Belt Conference. And like the taco, they are never the worst thing on the menu, but never the best either.


Texas State University

Mexican Pizza

I had to tackle this one, and it took me a minute, but I figured this one out.

Honestly, did you even know it was on the menu?  Is it on the menu?  I know it was at some point, but I can’t seem to remember if it exists.


Troy University

Shredded Chicken Burrito

Last, but not least, another of our most accurate descriptives from Matt Monte:


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