Can you make a drinking game out of the 71-68 7OT game between Western Michigan and Buffalo?

College is a special time in anyone’s life. For better or worse, part of that special moment is learning to drink like an adult. That starts out with learning how to get hammered properly. I do not condone getting hammered. I have done it, and it is not a pleasant experience, especially as time wears on. Trust me on my party school credentials.

At age 31, I have different drinking habits than when I was 21. I prefer a following fresh morning to a day praying to the porcelain god. But I am also a realist. Kids are gonna be kids. All I can do is merely offer suggestions and options. Please drink responsibly.

Western Michigan 71 – 68 Buffalo Final/OT

 Saturday, October 7, 3:30 PM                      
UB Stadium, Getzville, New York, New York


The Western Michigan and Buffalo played one for the ages Saturday. If you feel like rewatching it and making a drinking game out of it, we got you. It went into seven Overtimes. Both teams combined for 139 points and 1,328 yards of total offense. A player’s sister, with a poor understanding of college OT rules, ran onto the field at one point and hugged her brother.

It was so wild that we here at came up with a drinking game dedicated to this instant classic of a game.

I will let the audience determine how much they want to drink. I will do it circle of death/pyramid style.

Drink every time Buffalo QB Drew Anderson throws for a TD (7)
595 yards
Most since Patrick Mahomes for Texas Tech vs. Oklahoma last season (734)
Last to throw for 7 TDs in a game since Arkansas’ Brandon Allen in 2015. We’re in the age of crazy passing statistics.

You drink seven swigs of beer and you’re fine.

Drink every time Western Michigan QB Jon Wassink throws for a TD (5)
256 yards passing
1019 yards on the year
12 TDs 3 INTs 65% completion%

Now we’re talkin’.

Drink every time Jarvion Franklin scores a TD (3)
176 yards rushing
4th game of his career with at least 175 yards rushing in a game.

At this point, you’ve probably broken the seal. Motor skills are fading. Judgement goes out the window. Third Eye Blind songs sound like a good idea as a music request.

Drink every time Western Michigan’s defense got a sack (0) or an interception (0)

Drink every time there’s a missed FG (3)
2 from WMU’s Freshman K Josh Grant and 1 from Buffalo’s Adam Mitcheson.

Drink every time the game goes into another Overtime (7)
If you were taking shots up unto this point, please stop, call the paramedics. If you were taking sips of beer, you are solidly lit.

Every time a family member runs onto the field — finish your drink

Then you might be on Shalene Ernsberger’s level.


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