Army Wins Thriller Against Eastern Michigan 28-27


Army had their backs against the wall(twice technically) and never flinched, Gibby Gibson made the play of the season to stop a two-point conversion to give Army the win.


That first half wasn’t what expected at all, both offenses moved down the field with ease. Defense wasn’t a factor until the last two drives of the half.

Eastern Michigan came out and threw their way down the field and made Army’s secondary look bad for an easy touchdown pass to Sergio Bailey II.

The Black Knights wouldn’t lay down though, they came out and went on a very Armyesque drive, 14 plays, 93 yards and it took 8:49 off of the clock. The drive was capped off with a nine-yard Ahmad Bradshaw touchdown run.

But Army’s defense couldn’t stop EMU QB Roback, who would cut the Black Knights apart and throw for a 45-yard touchdown. The Black Knights would answer back with a Kell Walker touchdown making it 14-14.

A few drives later Army’s defense sent DB Gibby Gibson on a blitz and forced Roback to throw quickly and it resulted in an interception. Army couldn’t capitalize on the pick though, going into half tied at 14.

The second half started and Army wasn’t moving the ball and had a fourth down. Punter Zach Potter came on and they ran a fake punt and he threw a perfect pass to freshman Justin Thomas Jr, perfect spiral and hit him square in the hands but Thomas dropped the pass.

EMU wouldn’t do anything either, punting after a five-play drive. Once Army got the ball back, the offense went to work. They needed 93 yards to get a touchdown and Ahmad Bradshaw would handle 69 of those yards.


Four plays later, Connor Slomka would punch it in the endzone to take the 21-14 lead.

But this game was absolutely insane, so the Eagles(should be the Emu’s but that’s a different story) went right back out and drove down the field. Roback would hit Matthew Sexton for an eight-yard touchdown.

The Black Knights weren’t done though. Ahmad Bradshaw would lead his offense back down the field, taking up nearly nine minutes of clock. The drive was finished off with an impressive 13 yard run by Darnell Woolfolk, where he carried a defender into the endzone.


Oh, you thought it was over? Ha wrong. The Eagles wouldn’t give up, Roback drove his team down the field and scored a touchdown with 49 seconds left to make it 28-27. Easy call would be, tie the game up and go to overtime, right? Nope. EMU would go for it. Roback would snap the ball and throw it to his wideout, but Mike Reynolds deflected the ball, GAME OV… TIMEOUT? The Eagles called timeout before the ball was snapped.

On the second attempt Eastern Michigan would take a play from Army’s playbook and run a speed option to the weak side of the field. Roback pitched the ball to Eriksen, out of nowhere Gibby Gibson came speeding up and flipped Eriksen a couple inches from the goal line. The Black Knights held on.

Army can clinch a bowl next week when they play the Owls from Temple at home. Michie Stadium has been friendly to the Black Knights as Army is undefeated at home so far this season, going 4-0 on the year.

Eastern Michigan has a tough game against Western Michigan next week, they need to win if they want to keep their bowl hope alive.

One thought on “Army Wins Thriller Against Eastern Michigan 28-27

  1. Someone tell Georgia Southern’s head coach Tyson Summers to watch film of Army and Navy offenses to show him that is the way to run the flexbone offense. Not that New Mexico Lobos shotgun option that he is trying to implement at Georgia Southern.


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