Film Sesh: Week Nine

Here at Forgotten Five, we watch football religiously (or sacrilegiously, depending on your views.) That leads us to seeing plenty of videos from G5, both good and bad.

Film Sesh will be devoted to breaking down (and sometimes just breaking) those conference recaps, highlight and other player of the week videos. But this ain’t Jon Gruden’s QB Camp though, although I wish I had the budget to hit quarterbacks with pool noodles.

With that, let’s roll the tape:

Wyoming dominates POTW Rankings

  • Quarterback Josh Allen helped lead Wyoming to a 42-3 victory in getting the offensive player of the week award. Will be good to get all that winning in before he declares for the NFL Draft and goes to (insert NFL team with quarterback problem.)
  • That jump pass from him to tight end Austin Fort was a thing of beauty. It looked strange not coming from a running back who is five-foot-nothing though. When someone looks like they can see over the line before they pass, is it really necessary?
  • Strong safety Andrew Wingard picked up the defensive player of the week award with two interceptions, which makes us ask if he can cover most of the state during a dime package play? That’s a lot of cows downfield.
  • Is it me or is there somewhat of a sense of dread when your team’s game is on Stadium sports? If you watch from home, it can be a convenience, but try to tell a bartender “my game is on Twitter,” with a straight face.
  • Kicker Daniel Gutierrez picked up the special teams player of the week award, but what drew my attention was the camera man pulling the “Oh shit, can’t show empty seats: move with the first kick they showed. “Oh man, crisis averted. I didn’t show the empty seats in Fresno.”

 Sun Belt Conference POTW, “Sun Belt: It’s the Fun Belt.”

  • Quarterback Matt Linehan picked up offensive player of the week honors after helping the Vandals beat Louisiana Monroe 31-23. The “Kibbie Zone” will live on, even if Idaho Athletics is already looking for a replacement.
  • The ESPNN recap video said that the Vandals “survived” against ULM. That’s probably not the best adjective to be recognized with, is it?
  • Appalachian State linebacker Eric Boggs was the defensive player of the week, but that might be a stretch. When UMass kicker Logan Laurent does a backflip on the field after hitting the game-winning field goal, I think that takes some of the thunder out of your award. At the bare minimum, you have to face him in a dance battle or something.
  • Arkansas State cornerback  Blaise Taylor won the special teams player of the week award after having nine punt returns for 114 yards. Owning the two longest returns in the conference this year, one can hope he continues to Blaise past the opposition.
  • It threw me off that there was no name graphic for the players until the end of the video. I NEEDS MY NAMES DAMMIT.

Got some videos you want us to look at next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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