Film Sesh: Week 10

After another week of your team probably losing at home in conference play, it’s time to dust off yourself and wait for next week’s inevitable blowout. If you are not a UTEP fan, welcome to the losing block party.

On the bright side, at least you’re not Baylor.

To help dry your tears, this week will watch a pair of cringe-worthy performances. Roll the tape:

Charlotte versus Old Dominion in the fast moving dumpster fire of the week

  • To preface what was in the video, ODU had 328 offensive yards, while Charlotte had 241. That doesn’t seem terrible until you realize they scored a grand total of SIX points between the two of them. That’s some high powered offensive football.
  • Come to think of it, the video’s length is only 3:03, presumably to represent the large gap between the two field goals in the game.
  • Monarchs kicker Nick Rice probably was the dominating subject of a press conference for the first time in his career with ODU. I wonder if they asked about the missed field goal and if they’re finally gonna move his locker away from the toilets.
  • If you lied to yourself and said you watched it, I’ll give you the basic formula for the video: First down, fumble, first down, fumble, one of two field goals, first down, field goal, an incomplete pass. Saved you three minutes of your life.
  • Does anyone own a CUSA TV subscription? Or is it one of those things that you need to know a guy who knows a guy? Asking for a friend.

Cincinnati versus Tulane in the battle of mediocrity

  • With ESPN 3, I wonder if executives just line up by a dartboard and select matchups to cover like that. Sometimes the ESPN games are great, other times I just really don’t wanna watch some of these non-conference games.
  • Tulane’s got some of the best uniforms in football, while the Bearcats also have sharp unis. If you pay attention to them long enough, you can distract yourself from realizing both teams are under .500. Definitely a #P6 performance right there.
  • Cincinnati quarterback Hayden More had quite a few bombs throughout the tape, but his one to wide receiver Devin Gray was a beauty. I’ll take MOORE of that every day…. (Please hire me Sportcenter, I got more cheesy puns)
  • Tulane had a chance to win this, but kicker Merek Glover missed on his last one. No jokes here, but it was cool to see quarterback Jonathan Banks come out and check on Glover. You don’t always see that, especially considering the kicker hit 3-of-4 before that miss.
  • Never got why Tulane has checkered endzones? Although with the way they struggle to move the ball, they looked like a rookie playing chess.


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