Film Sesh: Week 11

We’re getting close to the end of the football season folks. For some, that means the hopes for a bowl game and/or conference championship are still alive. For others, watching college football is like a nasty drug habit you can’t quit (and is causing you to lose hair and teeth.)

On the bright side, Basketball season is here, bringing some reprieve from your team’s interim head coach trying to field half a competent football team. I hear a cardboard cutout of Lane Kiffin is the hottest coaching commodity right now, but Scott Frost is a close second if you ask me.

Hold on to your coaches folks, as we go through another week of film. Roll the tape:

Coastal Carolina versus Troy

  • Man, I like having your own field color for individualism, but the Chants’ field looks like I need to correct the color on my TV.
  • Nothing like a soon to be 1-8 football team to get the fans excited. *Looks at classic “ESPN: Streaming Nightmare 3 The Revenge” shot of empty stadium* Oh…. Uh…. People are at the beach…. In November… I think…..
  • That Marcus Jones kickoff return to start the game, reminds me of those pee-wee football videos where one kid just runs past everyone else. Jones is that one kid. The fact that he did it again with 4:00 left in the first quarter just drove the point home.
  • Troy dominated for much of the game, as evident by quarterback Brandon Silvers and his ability to lead sexy drives. His play in the game had me hitting the replay button again and again.
  • ESPN 3 end-of-the game shots kill me sometimes. They bounced between seven separate subjects before settling on one. Pick sad head coach, happy player or dejected fan. Don’t do all three in five seconds like you’re flipping though the channels.

Ball State In Search of Winning Football Team

  • Ball State has not beat Northern Illinois since 2009. They’ve had two seasons above .500 since that point. They are now on a seven game losing streak. That’s the joke.
  • In their game this year, NIU just demolished the Cardinals, winning 63-17 on the strength of four Marcus Childers pass touchdowns. For the Huskies, that;s a whole lotta bite to go with that bark.
  • I wanted to bring you a full highlight recap of the game, but YouTube didn’t have it easily available. Unless I missed it in my armchair search of both teams and the MAC’s accounts, this game may be trying to forgettably huck itself into the past already.
  • The Battle of the Stalk is one of the strangest trophies in the FBS. It makes sense from a regional standpoint, but I would hate to be the corn that died to create that crime of humanity.
  • David Elson, who was the defensive coordinator for Western Illinois when they beat NIU last year, looks like he’s seen some stuff this year. I’d look like that too if my defense gave up 50 or more points in five of the last six games.

Got some videos you want us to look at next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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