Can Jeff Tedford’s magic at Fresno State outlast Craig Bohl’s Wyoming wizardry?

Fresno State Bulldogs (7-3, 5-1) at Wyoming Cowboys (7-3, 5-1)

Time: Noon, Mountain Time

TV/Radio: ATT Sports Network, Tune-In Radio

Odds: Fresno St. = -2.5, O/U = 39

Jeff Tedford has resurrected a program that was mostly dead last year.  In doing so, he’s been nominated a George Munger Semifinalist for Coach of the Year, since he’s basically pulling off a Criss Angel MINDFREAK move in the college football world.  With that being said, will Tedford’s MINDFREAK illusions fool old wizard Craig Bohl?  Let’s take a look:

Jeff MINDFREAK Tedford

The MINDFREAK is what allowed Cal to rise to prominence in the mid-2000’s (well that and Aaron Rodgers and Marshawn Lynch).  However, that’s also what led to his downfall at Cal.

Expectations were different in returning to Fresno State.  The local media said it was a great hire, the community was excited, national analysts were okay, and a particular Fresno State guru thought it was a flat out bad idea.

So far, Tedford has seemingly been the right move, as the team stands to represent the West division in the MWC title game, only a year removed from 1-11.  However, there are some headscratchers…

How can a team be so…average on paper have such a turnaround?  The defense has improved greatly: they give up 18.3 PPG and that’s with blowout losses to Alabama and Washington.  The offense has looked clutch as of late, winning in close games they should…with the exception of UNLV.

The UNLV loss remains the head-scratcher and the big concern for this team.  Wyoming is a better team than the Rebels, on nearly all levels.  Tedford has to create an illusion that the Rebels loss wasn’t that big of deal, otherwise the nightmare will come back to haunt the team.

Craig Bohl

Craig Bohl is pretty much Doug Henning in football form.  Nobody really remembers who he is, a very under-rated old school magician, yet with some fantastic tricks and a good-nature personality.  Watch as he MAGICALLY TRANSFORMS JOSH ALLEN INTO AN NFL QUARTERBACK!

Bohl has done a lot more with less and defensively, the Cowboys are a lot more stingy in some ways than the Bulldogs.

They only had one blowout loss to Oregon, and forced Iowa and Boise State into uncomfortable wins (okay that’s a lie, Iowa scored more than 10 points, they were very comfortable).

The only thing that will be a concern is if Bohl decides to make the Nebraska Head Coaching search…DISAPPEAR.

The biggest factor in this game will be how Josh Allen performs.  If he is the unwilling cranky audience member who decides to ruin everything, then Fresno State will have a good chance of winning.  If he’s the beautiful assistant, then Wyoming should have this game in hand.

Prediction – Fresno State’s defense (not Tedford’s known offense) will FREAK Allen’s MIND and gain enough pressure to force him into bad decisions all day.  The new-school illusionist will outlast the hearty old-school magician at his own game.  Fresno State 14, Wyoming 10

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