Film Sesh: Week 12

It’s one of the last weeks of regular season. By know, you have already decided if your team needs to celebrate or completely rebuild.

If you are a team with a potentially out-the-door head coach *cough cough* Scott Frost *cough cough* It may be time for both.

But, in the twilight of the season, there’s still hope. You can still mess up another team’s day to feed your anger or squeak into that bowl game at 6-6. There is still that chance to love the small parts of the season.

With that bit of joy in your mind and the thought of turkey on its way, let’s roll the film:

Army Black Knights versus North Texas Mean Green:

  • Oh my, a non-conference game this late in the season that won’t result in a blowout? Sign me up.
  • Mean Green quarterback Mason Fine has shown he leads one of the best offenses in the G5. Serious question: how many times does someone use his name as a pun to describe his passes? He must get sick of it.
  • Let’s not forget that this is one of those games where both defensive coordinators yell at their players for a long time. Army had 561 yards of offense and LOST. That doesn’t usually happen, ever.
  • Trevor Moore proved that college kickers aren’t always to blame in late game situations. Let’s just hope he dies a hero before he misses a kick and becomes a villain.
  • The fact that this video is actually condensed and well put together is crazy. Proper sound levels and good footage combined with good graphics? One of the best I’ve seen in the conference so far.
  • These teams are somehow going to find a way to meet each other in the Heart of Dallas Bowl or something again. Just how it’s going to be.


Fresno State George Helmuth Press Conference:

  • I usually don’t put press conference video in there, because there’s about 30 seconds of entertaining stuff in there usually. But this is special.
  • First off, I don’t ever think I’ve seen someone come into a press conference directly after the game. “No, we’re gonna come into that press conference and show them who we are!” Bonus points for the “I have heart and hustle’” eye black unibrow.
  • Helmuth does give some of your favorite lines “Their defense is good, their offense is good.” Classic answer, Nuke Laloosh.
  • If you had told me before the season Fresno State would be in the Mountain West championship game, I would have asked what strand of legal weed you bought? Now you get to enjoy a conference championship and a bowl game… no, not that bowl.
  • Helmuth also apparently has been rocking the short sleeves despite the cold temperatures. Fresno State opponents would be wise to start blowing ice at the Bulldog defense.


Got some videos you want us to look at next week? Let us know in the comments below.

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