Film Sesh: FCS Playoff, Start of Basketball Season Edition

After a week of self imposed sanctions for “unknown” NCAA violations, Film Sesh is back to poke fun and break down your favorite clips.

This time around, we’ll look at the FCS football playoff action and also dive into the basketball that has gone on so far a bit. Plus, you can live without FBS ball for a few more days, right? Right…

For those of you who don’t have a team in a bowl, at least you have men’s and women’s basketball to look forward to… Unless they’re bad too. Then it’s on to waiting for baseball to give you something to live on until spring football.

With that existential crisis on your hands, it may just be better to watch some video and unwind. Roll the film:

James Madison Almost Upset By Weber State

  • Now, as much as I respect James Madison football’s domination of the FCS, I will always pull for an upset when I have no dog in the fight. In the case of this game, Weber State almost gave us that.
  • Weber State quarterback Stefan Cantwell’s 36-yard touchdown throw to Drew Batchelor deserves special recognition. The play was the equivalent of throwing the ball into double coverage on a deep route in NCAA Football 14 and it actually working. “Oh man, the overpowered DBs didn’t actually get me this time.”
  • Unfortunately for Weber State, the Dukes would answer back. Bryan Schor had a touchdown pass of his own and his team would later score the two-point conversion to tie the game at 28.
  • Schor was able to look like a statue in the pocket because of his protection. Look at how comfortable he looks on that final drive. Put that protection in a museum next to your most valuable exhibits.
  • The ending was one of the best to an FCS game this season so far. If JMU had missed its field goal attempt, that would have changed the game entirely and could have led to one of the biggest upsets of the year. Instead, Ethan Ratke nailed the 46-yarder and the Dukes will keep their 25-game win streak alive.

Ball State Men’s Basketball Does it Again

  • A week after upsetting Notre Dame on a last-second 3-point shot (the audible groan from the crowd is great by the way) the Cardinals beat Valparaiso on another buzzer-beater to continue a six-game win streak.
  • Tayler Persons, who hit the last second shot in both games, has been dynamic for Ball State during this stretch. He is currently averaging 16.3 points per game and should be the key to his team competing in Mid-American Conference play.
  • Generic 2K basketball highlight song isn’t as annoying as some of the other videos I’ve seen, but still kin of cheesy. At least it won’t get you sued.
  • Ball State should have one of the more fun offenses in the MAC, as the team averages 79.5 points per game to put it in the top 100 nationally. The team also has three players averaging double digit scoring totals, so look to see if those numbers stay consistant,
  • #ChirpChirp has to be one of the least menacing hashtags for a team ever. It sounds like the birds at the park tried to gang up and take your lunch money.

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