Jordan Akins the UCFast mismatch

There is only one team in the NY6 Bowls that has nothing to lose but everything to win. With big bad Auburn coming to Atlanta, with that big bad defense, it will be intriguing to see how UCFast does. Auburn is currently ranked #14 in total defense, and ranked #14 in passing defense. UCF is going to exploit any match up they have against the Tigers, and one can argue that Auburn has not seen a decent TE all year, at least no where near Akins level. So let us use some critical thinking on why Akins could have an impact this game.


 Jordan Akins is in the top 15 for productions for TE’s this season


It doesn’t matter if it is a linebacker or safety that is covering Akins, he can burn them both (as seen in the gif above). Auburn runs a 4-2-5 defense, something UCF saw in the AAC Championship game, and various times through the year. While Akins makes up roughly 12% of the passing game for UCFast, when he burns you, he burns you. The safety in this gif misjudged the speed of Akins, which I can see an aggressive Auburn defense doing the same.

Did I mention he is viable in the blocking scheme?



If you look at this gif above Akins #88 is offset to the left, ends up wrapping towards the middle, and blocks a third level defender. This play was QB power left, and Akins was viable in this blocking scheme. Even if he does not get majority of the passes coming his way, you need to watch him in the run game. They can use him pulling/wrapping like this play, kicking out, or down blocking. Akins is definitely showing his value, and will be able to show a spark against Auburn blocking/catching.



Bottom Line


Akins has every reason to show out this game to improve his draft stock. It is no doubt he will get drafted but it can increase a whole lot in this game. He is great getting behind LB’s in a 4-2-5 defense, and if it is zone he finds the soft areas. Do yourself a favor during the Chic-fil-a Peach Bowl, keep your eyes on #88.


Jordan Akins Stats

30 Receptions

459 Receiving Yards

15.3 Yards per Catch

4 Touchdowns


Your opinion: What do you think about the match up between Akins and the Auburn defense? What is your general consensus for the Chic-fil-a Peach Bowl as a whole?

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