Film Sesh: Week One of FBS Bowling

Hey folks, it’s bowl game time. For any G5 fan, this usually means having your team play somewhere out in the Midwest or in Florida as one of the only games on that night.

Maybe you play a Power 5 team and knock their block off, like Boise State did against Oregon in the Las Vegas bowl. Maybe you just cruise to victory like Florida Atlantic did against Akron in the Boca Raton Bowl.

Whatever your team does or doesn’t do, we all know at least there is plenty more football to look forward to. Someone you like has to win, right?

With bowl season in full swing, let’s roll the tape:

Marshall Keep Bowl Winning Streak Alive With Victory Over Colorado State in New Mexico Bowl

  • Colorado State nearly made one crazy comeback after being down three scores in the third quarter. Two straight Ram touchdowns set up one hell of a last drive, which was stifled on a batted pass on a fourth and five situation with 1:46 left
  • Marshall head coach Doc Holiday was definitely on the hot seat this season after last year ended less than pleasing for the program. This year will at least give the Herd a chance to regroup and potential pull one of the better recruiting classes in the conference.
  • Michael Gallup’s catch on third and 10 was one of the best so far this season. Had CSU completed the comeback, his grab would have been a major reason. It was almost as good as Lane Kiffin’s one-arm snag, too.
  • The Thundering Herd have also won 11 of their last 12 bowl games and six straight. No joke there, that’s just impressive.
  • It’s nice to have two G5 teams not playing on ESPN “Web Buffering is Good For My Heath” 3 for once. Forces big time college fans to watch something new for a change if they want football.

Oregon Beat by Boise State in Las Vegas Bowl

  • Is it me, or does Las Vegas not feel like a sports city? Besides UNLV and a new hockey team, the city doesn’t really have a history of sports that is consistent (except for the gambling.)
  • I saw a fair amount of pundits who actually favored the Ducks coming into the match up, despite having a completely new head coach. Just a continued P5 odds bias, despite a much better Boise team.
  • Mario Cristobal will need time in his new role before the Ducks return to a fraction of what they once were. If he can take the good parts of his tenure at Florida International and apply it in his new job, Oregon will be just fine.
  • Boise State quarterback Brett Rypen was forced to throw his most picks this season in a game, but also had two great touchdown passes. It will be interesting to see if he decides to go to the draft or plays one more season.
  • Besides two scores at halftime for the Ducks, the Broncos kept things under control for most of the game. Depending on who returns, the Mountain West could have some of the top G5 teams next year.

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