The Forgettable Five Podcast Has Returned! Again. For Real This Time, Probably

So I waited to write this until I had gotten one episode of each done, but here we are, back at it. When I say each, I mean one basketball show and one football show, because I ain’t about to cram two sports into one 30 minute show.

We’re starting off easy. I’m back hosting on my own, and we’re keeping it at 30 minutes for right now because a) it’s free and b) it’s easier to stick with. Once this becomes steadier, we’ll worry about expanding, so just bear with us as we grow into this. That being said…

First, on Tuesday, we talked college basketball. There were 14 Forgotten 5 teams that had yet to lose a conference game, and we discussed which of those teams might make it the rest of the way scott free.

Including Nevada, who then went and lost to Wyoming.


Then, last night, we shifted gears to football. This weekend is the Senior Bowl, the OG postseason feature bowl game, and yours truly will be in attendance. I bring in Army writer Alex Funderburke as well as Georgia Southern writer and NFL Draft officionado Nick Burgess to discuss some Forgotten 5 players that may make some noise on Saturday afternoon.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for sharing. We’ll see you again next week!

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