The Best Uniforms From Week Zero

Hey, I’m Ben, the new guy, and I’m a uniform expert. Trust me.

Here are my three picks for the best uniforms from Week 0 in college football:


Hawaii’s Week 0 game vs Colorado State was certainly an interesting one. Hawaii’s quarterback put on quite a show, throwing for 418 yards and 3 touchdowns. They won the game and they sure did it in style.

The Rainbow Warriors rolled out their brand new uniforms that paid homage to the early 2000 Hawai’i football teams, the most successful ones in UH football history.

They sported all black helmets, one side with the “H” logo, and the other with the islands of Hawai’i decal. They also wore new white jerseys, with a few tweaks from last season’s.

While the previous uniform had a pattern sublimated in the green of the shoulder, this season’s had a custom stripe on the left side and the right side was left plain.

Black pants finished off the set with the same custom stripe on only the left front side. A very solid uniform set for a team that could be a breakout team this season.

New Mexico State

New Mexico State played Wyoming, a team who has one of the worst uniform sets in all of collegiate sports.

Despite wearing gnarly brown threads, they shut down an NMSU team who needs help on offense, but certainly not with what they wear on gameday. The Aggies rocked an all red look that could rival the Maryland red ops set.

Coincidentally, the NMSU uniforms are on the (albeit now old) Terrapin uniform template. But don’t let that take away from the clean look.

The helmet, a glossy deep red, featured chrome decals that shined despite the offense’s dull attempts at scoring. The jersey had the just enough black and white accented throughout to not be overpowering and to add to the almost menacing look.

The Aggies may have lost the game, but they won the uniform battle convincingly.


The Dukes may be FCS, but they wore an icy stormtrooper whiteout that would win the approval of Darth Vader himself. The helmets were white with a white facemask that sported the bold script “D” logo and the red and blue helmet stripe that had an early 2010’s Arizona Wildcats feel.

The jersey had a shoulder fade that was reminiscent of the old white UTEP jerseys. The Dukes, unfortunately, didn’t really pull off the text on the side of the pants, but I certainly respect them for the effort. It’s a look that few teams have been able to work with. The uniform in all was simple, clean and looked sharp.

This week only had a few games, so there weren’t many uniforms to pick from, but I’m looking forward to Week One.

I’ve got a few teams on my radar to break out some sick threads:

  • Memphis never disappoints
  • I expect Army to pull something off
  • I’m sure Florida Atlantic will try something new for their big game against Oklahoma
  • I would also expect Bowling Green to debut their new metallic orange lids
  • …Or maybe a team will surprise and wear something that has to get on the list.

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