Best Uniforms from Week 1

What a 1st week of college football. Appalachian State proved they could hang in with the best, as did Utah State. Hawai’i displayed that they’re a force to be reckoned with, And James Madison almost upset North Carolina State.

While Week 1 can highlight a team’s flaws, they always take advantage of the stage to display some fresh uniforms. The teams below made the most of this opportunity.


What a thrilling game between the Demon Deacons and the Green Wave. Unfortunately, if you’re a Tulane fan, you were left feeling like their uniforms: blue. But hey, it can make for a clean set like the Wave displayed this weekend.

Starting from the bottom-up, the Tulane rocked white and green cleats, and sky blue pants and jerseys. Both were accented with green and white stripes and featured white text with a green stroke.

But that’s not even the best part.

To cap the entire set off, Tulane sported a chrome “Angry Wave” decal on a white lid with a blue facemask. A blue and green chrome helmet stripe finished off the uniform.

Probably the most important lesson we learned was that “ice” was spelled T-U-L-A-N-E.


The defending National Champs had some high expectations for the season opener, and boy did they deliver.

The Knights scored a total of 56 points on the Huskies of UConn. (not to be confused with Washington, who also took an L to Auburn) McKenzie Milton had a total of 346 yards and 5 touchdowns. The Knights scored 14 points every quarter.

Football game won? Check. Uniform game strong? Check.

The Knights rolled out in a brand new alternate white jersey, which had gold numbers instead of black. This jersey also featured the Knight logo on the sleeve instead of the sublimated Pegasus.

The helmet was also switched up a bit as well. The shell and facemask were black, but the decals and helmet stripe were white.

Black pants and gold cleats finished off the uniform.

Now UConn did make an effort to compete in both the game and the uniform battle and came close with breaking out the block C on all navy, but sorry Huskies. The Knights take this one convincingly.


The Tigers were a team on my radar this weekend because they never disappoint with their multitudes of different uniform combinations. This weekend vs Mercer was no exception.

While Memphis wore normal blue jerseys and pants with white cleats, but the helmet is the focal point of what makes this set awesome.

The shell of the helmet was matte grey, which is a first for the Tigers. Before they’ve worn chrome and silver, but not matte grey. On the right side of the shell was a blue chrome Memphis logo decal. The left side featured a blue chrome “901”, which is the Memphis area code. To finish the lid off was a blue facemask.

Safe to say the Tigers looked clean in their rout of the Mercer Bears.

Honorable Mentions:

Air Force: Their “Air Legacy” uniforms always look sharp.
Tulsa: The Golden Hurricane rocked the new Adidas PrimeKnit unis well.
South Alabama: With the switch to Adidas came branding changes, and it worked out for the better.
Cincinnati: Bearcat ice for their Week 1 win over UCLA.

As Week 1 ends, let’s look ahead to the teams to look out for next week.

Temple: New uniforms means some clean combos.
UConn: Will the block C be enough to get them on the list?
SMU: The Mustangs always look fresh, and will have to vs TCU.
UCF: Can the Knights make the list 2 weeks in a row?

Who knows what’s in store for Week 2. Maybe the college football gods will smile upon Arkansas State and they’ll take down Bama. Maybe Liberty will start a win streak. At least we have one constant: solid uniforms.

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