Week 2 Group of Five Top 10 Poll: Some Explaining to Do

So let me do some explaining. For this week’s poll, I added a stipulation. In order to count for the poll, you have to have a win over an FBS program.

This obviously led to some interesting changes in who was available to rank in the polls, so I will appreciate if your takes are quite hot on this one. It also probably means there will be another big shift in the polls next week.

But at least it gave us an even 20 teams to vote on?


  1. Boise – Boy howdy, did they put a whuppin’ on UConn. Eight hundred and eighteen yards, people. This week we’ll actually learn a lot about them with a road game in Stillwater.
  2. UCF – That was an ugly first half for Mackenzie Milton. After their two games so far, South Carolina State might have a legit defense, but three first-half interceptions? Yikes. Heisman campaign on thin ice already. Though it looks like UNC will be a better chance to rebound than we thought.
  3. Hawai’i – Their usual third-quarter swoon let Rice hang around too long, but 3-0 is 3-0 and that offense is insane when it’s clicking. Let’s hope it can do so against Army in a game that starts at 6 AM their time.
  4. USF – Well hello there, team I doubted. Fortunately it looks like Elon was just an anomaly, and this is a team that might slip less offensively than initally feared. They’ll likely keep rolling versus an unimpressive Illinois squad.
  5. App State – I expected them to dominate Charlotte, but watching them actually do it was still impressive. They’ll get a much stiffer test against Southern Miss, but the Golden Eagles couldn’t get by ULM, let alone the Mountaineers.
  6. Cincinnati – In the same boat as App State for me, though I have them higher since they haven’t lost. Oklahoma took a bit of shine off UCLA for them though. They’ll be 3-0 soon after a matchup with Alabama A&M.
  7. Houston – Man, is Arizona really that bad? They’re P5 but we’ll see if this is actually a quality win by season’s end. They’ll go up against another strong offense in Lubbock this week.
  8. (tie)FAU – They needed the whole game to put away Air Force, which I was not expecting. The offense rebounded but the triple option game them fits, and I think they miss Briles more than I anticipated. Hopefully that’s much less true against FCS Bethune Cookman.
  9. (tie)North Texas – The Mean Green have dominated two weeks straight, and now travel to an Arkansas team that looks much more beatable after faltering against Colorado State.
  10. (tie)Utah State – Fast on the rise after whopping up on New Mexico State, the Aggies will likely engage in a repeat performance against Tennessee Tech.

Others receiving votes: EMU, Marshall, La Tech, Toledo, Georgia Southern, Buffalo, ULM, Navy, Coastal Carolina, ECU (shut up)

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