Best Uniforms from Week 2

After week 1, we start to see a bit of a slow down in the uniform world. Some teams stick with their traditional sets, but there are always ones who try something new. Week 2 gave us a solid week of college football, and still a mostly solid array of uniforms. Some of these teams didn’t perform at their best, but still looked clean on the field.


UCF is officially the first team to make my list 2 weeks in a row. Granted, this series has only been around for 3 weeks, but it’s still somewhat of an accomplishment. Congrats to UCF on making history, now let’s see why they did.

The Knights essentially wore the inverse of their week 1 uniform. Last week they wore black lids, white jerseys and black pants. This week, it was white helmets, black jerseys, and white pants.

While it sounds pretty basic, they made it work so well.

The helmet had a white shell, a black face mask and all gold chrome decals. It’s probably in the lead for this year’s cleanest helmet. Gold on white is iffy at best sometimes, but the Knights did it so well.

The jersey was an inverse of last week’s white one. Black base, gold numbers and white accents. The sublimated Pegasus is gone on the sleeves and is replaced by their knight logo. While I miss the Pegasus and thought it looked better, the knight doesn’t look bad either.

To finish this awesome set off, the reigning National Champs rocked white pants that made this look so clean.

UCF found the perfect balance between black, gold and white in this set, and it’s why they got the top spot on my list. Are they going to make another NY6 bowl this year? Maybe, who knows. Are they going to look good on the field? Yes. I know.


Congratulations to the Memphis Tigers for being the second team on my list for 2 weeks in a row. We’re truly making history with this one.

While it may be controversial that they didn’t get first, I don’t think this set could have topped the Knights’. It was pretty icy, but UCF’s still looked better to me. But that doesn’t matter, they still made the list.

For week 2 of college football, the Tigers went completely iced out. The only 2 colors used on this uni were white and silver. If that doesn’t grab you by the shoulders and scream “ICE!” in your face, I don’t know what will.

The lid featured the same Tigers pattern, just like the Cincinnati Bengals’. But the stripes on this were white on a silver shell. That’s so cold I think I got chills just thinking about it. Whooh.

The jersey of this set was again, the same design as any other Memphis jersey. Same block letters across the front, same stripes on the sleeves, etc. Except this one had a white base with grey (or silver, whatever floats your boat) lettering and accents. And that’s not even the whole thing.

The pants were white on grey, just like the helmet. But they finished this ice cap of a uniform off with a bang.

In my opinion, the only thing that would have made this uniform better is Memphis beating Navy, but that’s just coming from an Army fan. Also probably some blue chrome accents, but it was still a very nice set.

Georgia State

The Panthers got absolutely crushed by North Carolina State, but I think the uniform battle was a lot closer than some might think.

NC State wore a new combination called “Ice Wolf”, while the Panthers wore a traditional looking home set. Just by the names, one might assume that the Wolfpack sported the better gear. But I don’t think so.

Georgia State’s set was clean and simple. The Panthers wore white lids with blue decals, and I assume finally got the helmet stripe straight.

The jersey was blue with white lettering and white sleeves. No flashy patterns, no random shoulder stripes that have other stripes running through them (*cough* NC STATE *cough*)

Plain white pants with a stripe, nothing more.

Simple and clean. While I tend to feature the flashier uniforms in this series, I really thought that Georgia State’s uniforms were clean and deserving of this spot. Say what you want, but they just looked good. Royal blue and white are never a bad bet.

Honorable Mentions

Bowling Green: I’m going to go more in depth for this one, because what the Eagles did was very cool. The helmet was white, and on either side had the BG logo with the American Flag in it. The meaningful part of the helmet was the stripe. It was orange, but sublimated in it was the names of Bowling Green alumni who died serving our country. Not every stripe has the exact same names on it, so not one of the 111 names is missed. Good on you, Bowling Green.

Kent State: Sure, the Golden Flashes are one of the worst teams in all of college football, but it doesn’t mean their blue and gold can’t look good together.

North Texas: The Mean Green broke out a combo called “Stealthstalker” which was close to making the list, but I didn’t feel it was worthy enough yet.

Temple: The Owls wore their greys for the first time this season, but looked a little too dinghy to make the top 3.

Troy: The Trojans wore special crimson chrome lids to pay homage to the 1968 NAIA National Champions.

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