Best Uniforms from Week 3

What an insane week in college football. #6 Wisconsin was taken down by BYU. Akron gets their first win vs a Big Ten team since the 1800’s with a win over Northwestern. Temple also beats a Big Ten opponent in Maryland, and Ohio State edges past TCU.

With tough games comes tough uniforms. Let’s take a look at who rocked the best unis.


The Owls aren’t always known for wearing icy kits, but they did it very well with these whiteout sets. Over the offseason, Temple got new uniforms from Under Armour, and what better way to show off your swag than diamonds? Coach Collins did well on the Owls with this.

Now I’m not always a fan of chest stripes on football uniforms, but Temple is my one exception. The diamond fade in front of the shoulders works in a way you wouldn’t expect it to. I’m also not a fan of logos on shoulders, but Temple’s just finds a way to work well.

The pants have a similar pattern to previous ones, and sport the words “TEMPLE TUFF” over the front of the left leg in the Under Armour style diagonal.

Topping off this uniform is one of my favorite helmets in all of college football. Temple rocked a lid with crimson script decals and a stripe over the top with diamond outlines inside, and finished off with a crimson facemask.

Is Temple elite this season? Maybe not. But they sure dress for success.

Arkansas State

While Temple had been on my watchlist for several weeks now, this is the first time I’ve even mentioned Arkansas State. Last week, there was a bit of a fluke when one player was spotted wearing a chest that had “ARKANSA SSTATE” on it. But this set was no fluke.

Arkansas State’s uniforms are always very clean, but these ones stood out among them all.

To start off this uniform, the Red Wolves rocked an absolutely icy white lid. The shell was white, and the facemask, red. On each side of it was an oversized alternate red chrome logo. To finish it off, a single red chrome stripe down the middle.

While the Red Wolves mix up the jersey and pants, they wore both white jerseys and pants to make one of the coldest combos of the weekend.

And, no typos this time.


In my opinion, the Rebels have one of the best helmets of in their satin red lids with silver decals.

But to put that on top of a black jersey, I mean COME ON!

This set looked absolutely TOUGH. Red, black, then red pants. The only critique I have about it is the logos on the sleeves, that’s the only thing I have against this. I think it looks tacky, but that certainly didn’t take away from this uniform.

Everything worked well together, and no color overpowered the other. Silver accents gave the uniform a sense of completion and made this one of the best uniforms this week.

Honorable Mentions

Tulsa: The Golden Hurricane rocked their new Adidas PrimeKnit uniforms that they got over the offseason, and these ones feature more gold accents.

Tulane: There’s never much to complain about with the Green Wave. Always solid sets, and their shades of green and blue work so well together.

SDSU: The Aztecs have some of the best primary uniforms in all of college football, and it’s about time they get some recognition.

USF: The Bulls’ new away uniforms are pretty icy.

Looking forward to next week

Utah State: The Aggies already released that they’re going to be bringing the ICE this weekend.

Colgate: The Raiders have released their new throwback uniforms they’re wearing this Saturday, and they’re pretty sweet.

Colorado State: The Rams will be rocking their green and orange sets this weekend.

Army West Point: Inside reporting tells me the Black Knights will likely break out the black lids and black pants for their game vs Oklahoma when they shock the world. (Hey, if a bunch of Mormons can beat Wisconsin, then I have no doubt that Student-Soldier-Athletes can take down Oklahoma.)

Arkansas State: Yes, again. The Red Wolves are going to be wearing a blackout uniform. (I know it makes no sense as the Red Wolves, but hey, the Vegas Golden Knights don’t wear mainly gold ¯_(ツ)_/¯)

The uniform game continues strong among many teams, and let’s keep it that way.

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