Best Uniforms from Week 4

Note from the author: if the photos within the article don’t work, use the links provided in the text. Or trust my descriptions, it’s up to you.

College football’s insanity continues. My Army Black Knights *almost* knocked off #5 Oklahoma. They were as close to winning as I was to a heart attack. UCF proved that they’re the best team in Florida with a win over Florida Atlantic, and Tulsa and Temple went head to head in a Owl-dominated matchup. With great play from the weekend, lets take a look at who wore great uniforms as well. You’re going to find a common theme with this list: Black.

1. Temple

Temple Blackout Uniform

The Owls rolled out in the dark version of last week’s set, which if you recalled, was very sharp.

The Owls started off with black lids with the red script “Temple” on the sides, and a diamond accented helmet stripe. Very, very tough looking, and it looked fantastic on the field.

Jersey wise, this wasn’t too different from their normal ones. It looked just like an alternate version of their red and whites, which is to be expected. The main difference here is that the Owls have white accents throughout (such as a white stroke on the numbers and a white background on the chest stripes) to make the red stand out.

Finishing off the set was black pants with the red and white accented stripes.


Army Black-white-black

Now, this pick could just be because I’ve still been excited about that game since it happened, or it’s because I’m hyped up on Fit For A King’s “Dark Skies” and I’m wearing an Army sweatshirt, but these sets were TOUGH.

With the exception of Saturday, Army was undefeated in those black helmets. Every blackout game they’ve won, vs North Texas in the Heart of Dallas Bowl, shutting out Air Force, etc. And these lids almost did their magic again.

How could you not absolutely admire them? Matte black shell, glossy black facemask, and a subliminal glossy black stripe. In the words of Tom Haverford, “[Black on black], It’s the coolest possible color scheme.”

The jersey was their primary away jersey. White, black cuffs and that awesome Army block font.

Finishing off this tough set was a pair of black pants, the only thing not black on them, the logo. And most of that is black…

Not much that I have to say about this uniform. I love when the Black Knights wear it, and it looks tough every time they do. And that I was as close to a heart attack as they were to winning.


UCF blackout

The Knights return to my list after a 2 week hiatus. Part of that was due to Hurricane Florence, but it’s nice to see a familiar face on the list.

Now, I said at the beginning of the article that this list would have a common theme: black. Now, the true intellectuals who actually read my what I write can probably guess what UCF wore, even if they didn’t see the game.

Obviously, its an all green uniform.

No, ignore my lame attempt at humor.

The Knights wore a blackout uniform that was certainly tougher than their opponents. Sorry, FAU.

The helmet was matte black with a black facemask and sported white decals of the logo and the helmet stripes.

The jersey was what you would expect from any UCF jersey, and the Pegasus was back on the sleeve! Earlier games sported the Knight logo in lou of the sublimated Pegasus, but it was back on the jerseys this weekend.

One thing I’d like to point out about UCF is their font. I’m not exactly sure what it is about it, but I really like it. I think it just looks tough and works perfectly with the uniform.

To finish off the set, black pants, no accent colors. Just all black.

Honorable Mentions

Colgate: The Raiders rocked a pretty slick throwback uniform this weekend, but it didn’t have the juice to make it on the top 3. If I had 4 spots, this would be it for sure.
Colorado State: The Rams sported their orange and green “Ag Day” uniforms, and they’re pretty slick. Nice to have a break from the normal green and gold.
Cincinatti: You could have made a case for the Bearcats to be on the list this week, and it sure was hard to leave them off. The satin red helmets with the black jerseys and pants looked absolutely slick. I really had no reason not to put them on.

Looking Forward to Week 5

Tulane The Green Wave is wearing black jerseys and black pants with a brand new helmet, featuring an oversized “Angry Wave”.
MTSU: The Blue Raiders released their brand new blackout uniforms this week. Black+blue=triple fire emoji.
North Texas: The Mean Green are wearing some slick “Mean Joe Greene” throwbacks this weekend.
Western Kentucky: The Hilltoppers are breaking out the blackout uniforms this weekend.
Charlotte: The ‘Niners are wearing some clean matte green lids with their away sets.

This was an INSANE weekend of college football. As games get bigger, so will the uniforms, as the trend typically goes. Who’s going to impress this weekend?

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