Forgotten 5’s Group of Five Top 10 Poll

Well now, there were some disagreements in this weeks voting. We talked for a solid, like, 10 minutes about these (that’s a new record, don’t scoff)!

  1. UCF – Honestly, the Knights played an imperfect game, and they still mopped the floor with Pitt. Granted this is a down time for Pitt football, but they’re also not exactly Texas State either. They moved up a slot in the AP polls, to boot. Imagine that! Feel bad for SMU next week.
  2. App State – Holy schmoly. We absolutely expected them to blow the doors of Gardner Webb (72-7). But South Alabama, too? An overtime loss at Penn State and three wins by a total of 169-23. My goodness.
  3. Boise State – Bye week
  4. USF – Snuck past ECU for a win. I don’t know yet how good ECU is and therefore how concerned we should be with how much the offense struggled, but undefeated is undefeated, right?
  5. Cincinnati – Beat the snot out of UConn. *Yawn*
  6. Troy – Took a little while to get going, but they eventually pulled away for a comfortable victory that puts them in the early driver’s seat for the division title.
  7. UNT – Mason Fine had a great game, Loren Easly had a great game. they led 21-6 after the first quarter… and then lost the game when their last second FG got blocked. CUSA is messy all over again.
  8. La Tech – Skip Holtz rides again! They didn’t get embarrassed by LSU, they came back to beat UNT, and now we’ll see where they’re at with a home game against UAB.
  9. Buffalo – Well darn, I guess the Bulls are mortal after all. Fortunately for them. Army is a much better team. especially defensively, than most of their remaining opponents. They’re still just fine in the MAC East.
  10. Army – Ranked right behind the team they beat, part deux. Army has played well since their opening week loss against Duke, and the further we get from the game the less sure I am how they lost it.

Others receiving votes: Georgia Southern, Fresno State, Hawai’i, Houston, San Diego State, Marshall, Utah State, UAB

Yes, that’s right, Memphis is not here. I got to see them in person Friday night and they didn’t just lose to a Tulane team they probably should have beaten, they got absolutely waxed.

Intriguing matchups for next week:

Friday: MTSU @ Marshall. Utah State @ BYU
Saturday: Tulane @ Cincinnati, SDSU @ Boise, UAB @ La Tech,

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