Best Uniforms from Week 5

Another week in the books, and what a week it was.

Buffalo’s win streak was snapped in a crushing loss to Army West Point, 44-13.

Tulane proved just what they were made of in a head to head match with Memphis, which turned out not to be much of a competition. The Green Wave handed the Tigers their second loss in AAC play, 48-24.

The Green Wave dominated the game, and also top this list as the number one uniform of the week.


The Green Wave’s uniform started off with a helmet we haven’t yet seen come out of Nola. On a matte olive green shell was a glossy olive facemask, and some insanely epic decals.

An oversized “Angry Wave” was featured on the side of the helmet, and it mostly just showed the face and the very top of the two-tone wave. It’s look was so unorthodox, it had to be hit or miss, and Tulane definitely hit the mark on this.

The jerseys and pants were both black, to really set the tone of what the game would be for the Wave. Each featured olive and mostly blue accents in the normal Tulane striping pattern.

Tulane won the game convincingly and is on top of the GO5 uniform world, so they’re clearly doing something right.

North Texas

MEAN JOE GREENE probably didn’t like the outcome of the game, as UNT lost, but those throwback uniforms were some-thing-else.

There’s a lot to go through to this in comparison to their normal white-green-white uniform, and that speaks to how simple and clean this throwback is.

Oh also, may I add that this shade of green is awesome? Because it is.

Starting from the top was a white lid with a grey facemask, like most classic helmets. On either side was the “NT” throwback logo and a single thin green helmet stripe.

The Mean Green’s jersey was simple, clean, and a style that reminds you of classic college football.

Kelley green base with a traditional block font. Nothing else on the chest but the Nike and C-USA logos. On the sleeves was both a striping pattern and TV numbers, which is unorthodox, but worked by making the TV numbers smaller.

The pants were white and simple with a single thing stripe down the side of the legs.

If I’ve got one thing to say about this throwback, is that it could compete with Pitt’s, which has been unofficially declared the best throwback in football.

I hope to see these “Agent 75” uniforms again soon.


Apparently the Owls’ equipment staff knows what it takes to get on my list. I’ll give you two words:



I’m a sucker for uniforms with a colored helmet and then white jerseys and white pants. I don’t know why, but I am. And Temple knocked this uniform out of the park.

Starting at the top, the Owls broke out the red script helmets, where as before they’ve worn the black and white. Are they even allowed to make a helmet this badass?

The glossy cherry shell with the white decals make a perfect contrast, and the helmet stripe is unique, but in a good way, and a way that works.

These may be my favorite lids in all of football.

But now that I’m done salivating over it, the jerseys and pants worked well together.

White jerseys with the new chest diamond fade is still looking sharp, even in week 5. The number font has got to be one of the best out there, too.

And the pants, finishing off this amazing set, white with the diamond stripe down both sides.

Absolutely sharp. Keep it up, Temple.

Honorable Mentions

This is going to be a longer list than normal, because there were tons of great uniforms this week.

UCF: Grey and white, with gold accents. Icy.

Houston: The Cougars make their first appearance in this series with a sharp throwback.

ACU I thought I’d never say this, but satin purple and black is absolutely insane.

Ohio: The Bobcats broke out some pretty slick new decals for their helmets.


Northwest: Some pretty great looking (and meaningful) military appreciation uniforms.

South Alabama: Slick and icy as ever.

Western Kentucky: Black, red and chrome. Need I say more?

Looking ahead: Week 6

North Texas: The “Titanium Talon” set is getting it’s share of love.

Utah State: Blue, white, white. Solid set all around.

Troy: Classic look, but still relevant and sharp.

Middle Tenn: Black, white, black. Keep your eyes peeled.

Tulane: breaking out some ICE this week…

This week was INSANE for uniforms. I had to leave quite a few off the list, otherwise it could easily be 4 pages long. I can only hope for the same energy next week.

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