Navy Unveils Army/Navy Uniforms… in October?

So before I go in, I have to admit one thing: these are clean. It’s a nice simple look.
But that’s also the problem, this is the Army/Navy Game, simple isn’t typically what either team does for this game.

Well, here it is. I like I said, it’s a clean look, if this was their normal away uniforms, I’d have zero complaints.
The uniforms are made to honor their mascot, Bill the Goat.
Bill makes an appearance on the right helmet (the left has gold chrome numbers) and on the cleats for Navy.
The jersey features the block “N” inside of a navy blue and gold pattern on each shoulder.
The pants have a large gold stripe with navy blue stripes on either side.
I think the uniform would’ve looked 10x better if they put Bill the Goat on the shoulder and put the block “N” on the helmet.
The left side helmet is my favorite part of the uniform, it’s a chrome navy blue helmet with gold chrome numbers. If that was their entire helmet, I would actually like this a lot.
One thing I notice is that these are a copy/paste of USF away uniforms from last season:

But I think that this tweet says it the best:

Current Midshipmen don’t even like the uniforms:

Also, why are you announcing these in October? At least wait until end of November. Army always waits until the week of Army/Navy to unveil the game uniforms. It builds even more hype for the greatest game of the year.
So Nick Determam and Army equipment…
The bar was set really low by the Mids, it’s your turn to knock these uniforms out of the park.
Can’t wait until the Monday of game week to see what you guys came up with.

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