Best Uniforms from Week 8

Another week of college football in the books. Some solid games, and some very solid uniforms. There’s really nothing else I can say about it other than that. With that being said, let’s get into the top uniforms of the weekend.


Call me biased all you want, but you can’t argue that this wasn’t one of the best of the weekend. The Black Knights wore the traditional home uniform- with a twist. That’s exactly what propelled them into the #1 spot after their win vs Miami (OH).

The Black Knights rocked the traditional gold helmet with a satin-ish finish, a black facemask, and thick black helmet stripe. One of the best in all of college football. Don’t believe me? It was the runner up in Helmet Tracker’s best helmet tournament. Finished just behind San Diego State’s.

Traditional black jerseys at Michie for Army. What’s not to love about these? A black base with a kick-ass block font, other gold accents, and finished off with the American flag on the sleeve.

This is the twist that set them apart from everyone else… black pants. It doesn’t sound like much of a difference, but Wisconsin’s white facemask makes a big difference in the look of their whiteout, so I don’t want to hear it.

I think we can agree that typically the more black there is in a set, the tougher it looks. This was a very sharp look that had a fierce competitor in Miami’s uniform.

North Texas

This is the closest you can get to a blackout on the road. That being said, the “banshee blitz” uniform that the Mean Green wore this weekend was very sharp.

The set started off with their matte black helmet and black facemask, accompanied by the kelley green North Texas logo to finish it off. No helmet stripe to keep it clean and simple.

Traditional white jersey for NT on the road. Green lettering, a green collar, and green cuffs with subtle black accents.

Also having worn black pants, this set finished satisfyingly. Down the side of the legs was a feather pattern sublimated as a nice touch. Safe to say that wing pattern made them look ‘fly’. Heh.

Miami OH

I believe this is the first time I’ve had two teams that played each other in the top 3. I could be wrong, but I can only think of maybe one of the Week 0 games. Who knows.

But yes, Miami went to West Point to challenge the Black Knights and were defeated by 1 point in double OT. But you’re not here to read about the game, you’re here to read about the uniform!

The RedHawks’ lid was an interesting one… but interesting in a good way. It was somewhat of a 3/4 gradient, satin red to white. Most of the shell was red, and the very edges of around the facemask was white. The facemask itself was white, too and so was the thick helmet stripe. Finishing off the lid was the Miami block M logo in white with a red stroke.

I typically dislike gradients/fades on uniforms, I think it looks bad and too complex, but this one works well.

The jersey was the traditional white roads for the RedHawks. “Miami” in silver dawns the chest, and below it, red numbers. The shoulders feature a Texas A&M striping pattern, where as the only difference is the Aggies have 2 stripes, and Miami only has 1. The last component of the jersey is the M logo in silver on the sleeves.

The final part of this uniform is a pair of red pants with a thick white line down the sides of the legs.

Honorable Mentions

UAB: While I don’t particularly like these uniforms, but why the Blazers wear them is deserving of the mention. The players have their names replaced with the name of a child with cancer in the area.
Tulsa: Golden Hurricane rocked some ice.
FAU: So did the Owls.
Arkansas State: The Red Wolves always are rocking something fresh, and they did with a white-red-white combo.
Tulane: The oversized Angry Wave helmet returned!
UNLV: Blackout looked sharp.
USF: The Bulls pulled a fast one on us all. They went out in green for warmups and came out in the all blacks. I don’t like either uniform, but surprise points count for something.

Looking Ahead:

Army: With having worn gold-white-white and then gold-black-black, I expect the Black Knights to break out the grey uniforms next week.
Arkansas State: Like I said, they always break out something fresh, and I can’t wait to see what it is.
Tulane: Why not? They always have something new for us to gawk at. Or just me, at least.

The uni game has slowed down a tad, but you can’t expect it to be on all the time. I still expect to see something interesting next week.

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