UCF Can Make The Playoff If…

Woah, okay. Well, the last article went over quite well, depending on who you cheer, for. Actually, it went so well, that I have decided to DO IT AGAIN. Well a bit modified.

 For many of you all reading this, your biggest gripe with “How UCF Would Beat Alabama” was that it would never happen. They would never even get to that point where they would be playing for a championship. Even the UCF legion of the readers vocalized their disposition on the negligence of their Knights in the polls. So we are going to solve that problem right now! Note that this is being written before November 3rd, but even so, check back here every week and see if maybe, just maybe, the pieces could fall into place for what could be the wildest playoff shakeup ever!

   Now, let’s set some standards here. First, this is assuming that UCF wins out (again). With their conference and strength of schedule in mind, a loss is an automatic elimination. Second, we are going to assume that the CFP Committee is not going to put in a 2 loss team over undefeated UCF. (Sorry Texas fans, it’s over. But at least you’re actually back!)

Here we go:

  •  Both Oklahoma and West Virginia lose twice. They play each other so at least one of them will incur another loss.

  • Kentucky/Georgia lose in the SEC Championship. Like WVU/OU, they will play each other this upcoming weekend, giving one a second loss. A loss in the championship would hand the other team another.
  • Michigan and Ohio State lose twice. Ideally, when they play each other, OSU wins because regardless if they run the table, a 29 point loss to Purdue will be hard not to wince at for the Committee.
  • LSU loses to Alabama. You better believe that a one loss Alabama is in. And an SEC Champion LSU is as well. Keep Alabama undefeated, and they keep the sole spot for the SEC.

   With this scenario, it would be hard not to include UCF in the Playoff. Hard. But not impossible. With that in mind, here are a couple more possibilities that could help re-inforce UCF’s security for a spot in the Playoff

  • Washington State loses. Washington State could very much play spoiler to the heroes of the Group of Five. If the all of the above were to occur, it would come down to a one loss, PAC-12 Champion Wazzu and an undefeated American Conference Champion UCF. That would be a tough one, for sure. I can imagine UCF getting the nod here, after nearly 2 straight seasons of being undefeated. But, I can also imagine the Committee going with the one loss, Power 5 conference champion.
  • Notre Dame loses twice. This is actually more possible than people think. I’m not yet convinced Notre Dame is all that good. Outside of a season-opening win over Michigan, who have they beaten? They’ve been given quite the scare by Vanderbilt and Pittsburgh, and even Ball State was too close for comfort.  Notre Dame has Northwestern, a secretly scary Syracuse team, and a much improved Florida State. Any three of these teams could slay the Irish, and without a conference championship, surely two losses would put the shiny gold helmets down for the count.

    There you have it. It can happen. If college football has taught us anything, it’s that anything can happen. The darling of the Group of Five is poised and ready for their chance to prove themselves in the College Football Playoff. And if fate decides they like this article, maybe the most revolutionary champion in modern football history could be crowned. Probable? Maybe Not. Possible? Definitely.

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