Why College Gameday Should Come to Orlando

Week 12 is a slow week in the college football season. There is only ONE top 25 matchup as of right now. Nearly every powerhouse is playing a Group of 5 team, or a bottom feeder in their respective conference. UCF, on the other hand, is playing a very good Cincinnati team in a game which will most likely decide who goes to the AAC Championship.

Other Gameday Contenders

There are a few intriguing matchups, so here’s why Gameday will and will not go to these places…

UAB at Texas A&M

Why Gameday Would Go To Texas A&M

  • UAB is currently 8-1 and atop the C-USA West, and has a defense that is statistically one of the best in the nation
  • Texas A&M is an SEC brand, and we know ESPN loves those…
  • The game has been scheduled as a 7:00 EST kickoff, on ESPN or ESPN2

Why Gameday Would NOT Go To Texas A&M

  • Both teams will more than likely be unranked, as A&M sits at 5-4 and UAB is a GO5 school and the ranking committee isn’t a fan of those
  • Although this matchup looks close on paper, it could easily be a blowout
  • Texas A&M has 4 losses… when is the last time you have seen Gameday go to a school who has 4 losses?

Syracuse vs Notre Dame (Yankee Stadium)

Why Gameday Would Go To Yankee Stadium

  • Both teams are currently ranked, and should win this weekend
  • Yankee Stadium. College Gameday. That’d be a very interesting combonation
  • Playoff implications are on the line for Notre Dame

Why Gameday Would NOT Go To Yankee Stadium

  • It is a 2:30 EST kickoff on NBC. Not exactly “Primetime Football”
  • Syracuse is one of those teams you just think may be extremely overrated. They went to 2OT with 1-7 North Carolina
  • Contradicting my point about how they might want to go to Yankee Stadium, they may think the opposite and NOT want to go to a baseball stadium for a football pregame show
  • They’ve already gone to a Notre Dame game vs Michigan

Why Gameday WILL Come to Cincinnati at UCF

  • 8-1 Cincinnati vs 8-0 UCF. Playing for their division. UCF playing to continue the longest winning streak in the nation. Sounds intriguing to me
  • Cincinnati has had some VERY good past years, including an Orange Bowl appearance, and a top 10 rank

UCF has also had some VERY good past years, including a Fiesta Bowl win, and a top 10 rank

  • They announced that TV/Time would be changed and determined after this week of games, making it sound like if they both win, we may see 7 or 8:00 EST game on ABC, considering there is nobody scheduled on ABC at night yet

Why Gameday WON’T Come to Cincinnati at UCF

  • Cincinnati has dropped a game already, which may hold them out of the top 25
  • It is a Group of 5 game, and again, ESPN & the ranking committee sleeps on the Group of 5

Where I Think Gameday Will Go

I genuinely think College Gameday will be coming to Orlando. I say this because a Cincinnati win over 7-2 USF is a big resumé booster, and the game will most likely be Primetime on an ESPN network.

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