Best Uniforms from Week 11

Over the weekend we had Veterans Day, which led to some military themed and camouflage accented uniforms. Always hit or miss on these, but there were quite a few that were a solid hit. We also saw a few throwbacks being rocked, so lets see who wore what.

Air Force

Yeah, this one hurts as an Army fan. But these are actually pretty ‘fly’. Hah.

The Falcons’ lid was a matte anthracite, both the shell and the facemask. On one side, the helmet features the AC-130 aircraft, which is an air support gunship used by the Air Force. The other side sported different patch options.

This helmet is different than the Air Power Legacy Series helmet they wore last year, which was for the F-35, and was modeled after the helmets the pilots of that aircraft wear.

But, the jersey and pants were the same.

The jersey starts off with an anthracite base and light grey numbers and accents. Across the chest reads “Air Force” like the regular ones, and the same font for numbers underneath. A shield with the “AF” logo finishes it off on the collar.

The pants were also quite simple. An anthracite base and a single light grey stripe down the side.

These were essentially if you made their all-blue combination into black and white.

But nonetheless, this is a sharp uniform. There’s a lot to say about using anthracite, and Air Force was right for jumping on that train.


Wait… didn’t I just say something about Anthracite? I think I did. UCF, you tricky minxes.

The main focus of this uniform is, once again, the helmet.

On a matte black shell was a matte black facemask. And on that shell, the Knights slapped on a throwback logo which featured a block “UCF” on an outline of the state of Florida. When was it a throwback to? Probably the last time they lost a game.

Personally, I’d like to see them rock a lid honoring the world’s best superhero, “Florida Man”.

But back to the uniform they wore last weekend, this is where the anthracite comes in.

The Knights rocked their anthracite jerseys with white and gold trim, and the Pegasus sublimated on the sleeves.

All anthracite pants finished off the set.

This overall was a very clean, yet tough looking set. I like the throwback decal and I hope UCF breaks it out again.


Wait… I just mentioned a throwback… and the Cougars also wore a throwback… so all of my choices this week are interconnected… hm. Sounds like conspiracy to me.

Okay then, just roll with the punches.

Alright, lets get into this uniform.

There’s a bit more to talk about with this, because the Cougars put a bit of detail into it.

Starting with the helmet, the Cougars wore a glossy red shell, and slapped on a grey facemask to give it a classic feel. To further the nostalgia for OG Houston fans, they used the throwback ‘UH’ logo with blue accents. The helmet was finished off with two white stripes down the middle, and a good distance away from each other.

Their jersey was nice and simple, as any throwback should be. A red base contained white letters and numbers with a dark blue trim. Across the chest read “HOUSTON”, and block numbers below it and on the sleeves.

The pants finished off the classic, simple and clean look for the Cougars. They were a white base with a white belt, and a tri-stripe pattern down the side of the pants, which was blue-red-blue.

I wish the Cougars would add some blue into their current uniforms, but I guess it it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And Houston’s uniforms sure ain’t broke.

Honorable Mentions

Marshall: The Herd wore black jerseys and black pants, and a helmet to remember the 75 players, coaches and fans who lost their life on a tragic plane crash a while ago. Names of victims were in the center helmet stripe.
Texas State: The Bobcats added some red and gold camouflage accents to their uniforms.
Tulane: The Green Wave rocked a classic looking white-green-white combo.
Arkansas State: American flag themed lids, white on white on white combo.
Cincinatti: Who doesn’t love a good blackout, with a red outlined logo on the helmet?

Some of the uniforms this week were hit or miss. Example: I didn’t really like Texas State’s uniforms, I just put them as an honorable mention because they did something different. Generally speaking though, this wasn’t a bad week for uniforms.

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