Best Uniforms from Week 12

The college football season is starting to wrap up, so that means many teams were having their Senior Days, where teams tend to break out something new and fresh. This week was no exception.

Every week I list off the uniforms I think are some of the best from the week. I traditionally have somewhere in the 3-6 range. This week there were 14 different uniforms that I liked. Get ready for quite a few honorable mentions.

Let’s get into ’em!

1. Austin Peay

The Governors have never been listed on any of my uniform articles, so to crack #1 their first time, there had to have been a sick uni. Man, this one was.

Austin Peay wore a uniform that was Senior Day and Military appreciation rolled into one.

Let’s start with the lid. The Governors wore a matte red lid with a black face mask. Now this is where the military appreciation aspect comes into play. Where most teams will put the full colored American flag that often looks a little off, the Governors made it black and white to fit their look. On one side was the “AP” logo in black and white, and the player number on the other. A single helmet stripe accented with stars finished off the lid.

This jersey gives me hints of Ohio State’s 2012 Pro Combat Uniforms and Wisconsin’s current uniforms. Let me elaborate: If you recall, Ohio State wore those 2012 Pro Combat uniforms with the oversized stripes on the shoulders and the helmet for rivalry games. And Wisconsin’s uniforms are on the same UA template.

But anyway, AP wore a black jersey with- you guessed it- an oversized tri-stripe pattern on the shoulder that went white-red-white. Red lettering with a white stroke was sported on the front, back and shoulders as numbers. The chest featured the Governor logo.

Finishing off the clean look of the #1 uniform of the week was a pair of red pants with “GOVERNORS” in the diagonal UA style on the left of the pair.

2. North Texas

The Mean Green edged out the Houston Cougars for this spot, because they wore 2 uniforms that were very similar. But the UNT Night Rider combo won #2.

North Texas rocked their chrome helmet that also had a chrome facemask that looked sharp under the lights. A green Eagle decal sported the either side like their traditional uniforms.

The Mean Green must have forgotten what their name was because it was all black from there.

Their jersey was their normal black jersey with a green collar, green letters and numbers, and “MEAN GREEN” across the chest. Behind the TV numbers on the sleeves is a sublimated wing pattern which I for one, really love. Sublimation really makes a uniform in my opinion.

Finishing off UNT’s uniform was a pair of black pants with the sublimated wing pattern where a stripe would normally be on other uniforms. Black socks and cleats accompanied the rest of the #2 uniform.

3. Arkansas State

Another tough decision. But I’m sticking by it.

The Red Wolves sported a tough look for senior day that I’m just in love with.

Starting with at the top, Arkansas State wore a matte black shell with a black face mask. Accompanying the lid was a thick red helmet stripe and a red outline of their Wolf decal, including the inside features.

Next, they wore their traditional red home uniform. “Arkansas State” reads across the chest in white with a black outline, and the very blocky numbers in black whit a white outline. A thin tri-stripe pattern on the shoulders of black-white-black finishes the jersey off.

The last component of this uniform is the black pants that Arkansas State wore, with the “stAte” logo by the waist and “WOLVES” in white down the right side of the pants.

Honorable Mentions

I said there would be quite a few of these, so brace yourself.

Cincinnati: The Bearcats were almost top 3, because those lids were amazing, especially when they had a little rain on them. But there were others that I thought were better, so honorable mention is the best they’re going to get.
Houston: The Cougs wore a glossy red-black-black combo which was sharp.
East Carolina: On senior day, the seniors picked to wear purple chrome helmets, purple jerseys and black pants. Not a bad pick.
Temple: All red with a helmet featuring nothing but an oversized T logo.
UNLV:Black-icy white-black is always a good call.
Tulane: The Wave rocked a sharp white-white-black combo.
Utah State: The Aggies won a close one wearing white-white grey.

We’ve still got a little bit of the season left, but where did it all go? I remember the first article I wrote where Tulane was at #1 with their white-blue-blue combo. And before too long, we’ll get to see Army’s uniform for the Army-Navy game. I’m pumped.

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