Best Uniforms from Week 13

Our time just keeps on winding down until the end of the season, the Army-Navy game, and the Playoff. So now’s the time to soak it all up. Dive into stats, make some bowl predictions, and take a look at some uniforms.

There was a great lineup from this weekend. Like last week, there are a bunch of potential candidates, and they’re mostly the same teams. Some teams hit us with an ice storm, while others tried to melt it with their heat. Let’s see who did what.

1. North Texas

This uniform was tough as nails, I can promise you that! (I’ve been listening to too much Godsmack).

The Mean Green call this look the “Carbon Assassin”, and it took out the other uniforms that were going to be 1st place.

There’s always something about a black-grey-black look that’s just tough looking. Like what Northwestern wore in their win vs Wisconsin earlier this season. Except North Texas used green as an accent color, not purple (Obviously).

Starting with the helmet, UNT wore a matte black shell with a black facemask, and an oversized glossy green eagle on each side. Such a good looking helmet. It almost reminds me of the Oregon winged helmets, but different… and may I say better?

The Mean Green wore their light grey jerseys (obviously). They featured green numbers and accents with the wing pattern sublimated on the sleeves like all of their uniforms.

Finishing off the #1 uniform was North Texas’ black pants with the wing pattern sublimated in the area where a stripe would normally be.

2. Middle Tennessee

Let’s mix it up for the sake of interest, shall we? But wait… this uniform is practically an invert of the first… hmm.

MTSU rode to victory over UAB with a pretty sick uniform combination.

The Blue Raiders wore a satin silver helmet that is icy, sharp, and clean all at once. I really love this helmet, maybe even more than Temple’s red script one. That’s how much I really like this helmet. On top of the silver shell was a thick blue stripe with a carbon fiber pattern sublimated. A silver facemask and MTSU logo on either side finished the set off.

The Raiders wore their black jersey, which looked like just a basic jersey, but it’s better than being too extravagant. The cuffs and collar were grey (or silver, whichever you’d like to call it) and the numbers were white with a blue outline. The C-USA logo adorned the right side while captains had a patch on the left.

Finishing off this uniform is the grey (or silver) pants with small blue accents that MTSU wears.

I believe this is the first time MTSU has ever been top 3. Congrats Blue Raiders!

3. Tulane

This wouldn’t be a real article if I didn’t mention Tulane, Temple or UCF. They’re all so consistent with the uni game that most times I just expect to put their name down.

Tulane also wore black, and it looked sharp.

The Green Wave started off with their white helmets with the tri-stripe pattern and angry wave logo. This helmet had the green facemask rather than blue or white like other variants of it have.

Tulane rocked their black jersey with this look. These had white numbers and letters, and “TULANE” in white on the chest. The sleeves had the green-blue-green tri-stripe pattern like all their uniforms have.

Capping off the uniform and the list of top 3 was Tulane’s white pants, which also had the same tri-stripe pattern on the sleeves.

Honorable Mentions

Houston: Ice-out with the cougar decal.
ECU: Black and purple are hard to pull off, but they did it.
Temple: The reverse of last week’s uniform.
Charlotte: Gold chrome lids. Slick.
Rice: The Owls rocked some new winged lids that I really like.

Conference championship weekend is upon us, and Army is going to reveal their uniform for the Navy game on Sunday. Woot!

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