Forgotten5’s Forgettable Five Conference Championship Preview Podcast

Hey look at that, we finally made the time to record a damn podcast! Go us. We took the time – we being myself, Alex and Mason – to talk about all of the conference championship games, as well as to spend a little time discussing a bit about the coaching carousel and how it has rubbed up against the G5.

Some of the “highlights”:

~Does ULL have a shot against App State? Yeah, probably not.

~CUSA will be worth a watch, because it’s an immediate rematch, but also because last week’s film is useless due to UAB’s injuries/illnesses recovering.

~UCF will be without McKenzie Milton, but we all agree that just makes the Knights a bit less of a favorite to win.

~MWC will be a close one, but Smurf Turf still gonna Smurf Turf, and we’re putting our eggs in Brett Rypien’s basket.

~Side not: NICK ROLOVICH DESERVES A RAISE of some amount. If Hawai’i can afford it.

~There are other games too! Marshall will win, but coachless ECU and Akron probably won’t.


Come back for the next episode where we will take a much deeper dive into the coaching carousel and delve into whatever the aftermath is of championship weekend.

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