Video Preview of Army’s Uniforms for the 119th Army-Navy Football Game

The annual football contest between Army and Navy is many, many things, only one of which is an actual football game played between the lines.
It is an opportunity for senior cadets to play one last football game before departing to a quite serious and dangerous future career.
It is an opportunity for everyone to participate in one of the few football game seach season that spends as much time celebrating every player and cadet that cae before them as it does celebrating the ones taking the field that day.
Two years ago Army broke the streak of 14 straight losses while wearing uniforms celebrating the 82nd Airborne Division. Last year they made it back-to-back wins and a COmmander-in-Chief’s trophy while wearing their “Pando Commando” uniforms to honor the 10th Mountain Division.
This year, no worse than a tie means that Army will retain the CIC Trophy no matter the result of the game, but they will certainly still be motivated to three-peat against Navy while honoring another important historical unit: the Big Red One.
I’ll let the Army West Point Youtube Channel fill you in on the 1st Infantry Division.

This is a wonderful uniform. Black with red and gold accents, the 1st ID patch on the crown of the helmet, the Black Lion and US 28 insignia as the 28th infantry also gets a shout out. More about that…

In addition, the undershirt the players are wearing has “RAGS” on the chest, which is it’s own historical reference.

And for one final bit, this year is also the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI, and as such Pershing barracks got a facelift. This is the man they are named for.

It’s about that time, people.

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